Miyeon makes her official solo debut! On April 27, (G)I-DLE‘s main vocalist, released her first solo album, MY, led by the title track, “Drive.” The album consists of six songs that showcase Miyeon’s impressive vocal range and create a perfect springtime vibe.

Though it is only April, 2022 has already been a busy year for Miyeon. Her solo release follows (G)I-DLE’s album, I NEVER DIE and its hugely popular title track, “TOMBOY.” Not only is this the most liked song on Melon released in 2022, but it is also currently (G)I-DLE’s most-liked song on the platform. The song has also enjoyed global success after going viral on TikTok and debuting on Billboard’s Global 200 at number 58.

Set For Success

Since her debut in 2018, Miyeon has released solo OSTs such as “Dreaming About You” and “Someday,” but MY marks her official solo debut. The album has received great support by achieving 43,129 first-day sales. Her fans, Neverland, have also shown their love for the release on Twitter.


A Song Suited For Miyeon

The album opens with the song “Rose.” The mellow melody perfectly compliments Miyeon’s sweet vocals. She repeats in English, “Come, take my rose” as a metaphor for giving somebody your love. The symbol of a rose is also significant as it creatively portrays her name.

Rose translates to jangmi in Korean, which represents her initials, “Mi.” The romantic nature of the song sets the album’s overall sweet, spring-like tone.

Neverland’s “Spring Queen

Next is the title track, “Drive.” The song is of the modern rock genre, including a guitar sound throughout, but this does not overpower Miyeon’s refreshing vocal color. Instead, the instrumental subtly builds throughout the song, leading to Miyeon’s high note at the end of the bridge. The fresh sound is the perfect fit for a springtime drive.

The bright atmosphere is also portrayed by the music video that includes Miyeon surrounded by vibrant flowers. This led to Neverland naming her the “Queen of Spring.”

She revealed during the MY press conference that she chose “Drive” as the title track due to its comforting and hopeful message. “Drive most closely resembles the message I wish to convey right now,” Miyeon explained. The song offers encouragement to anybody who listens to it. It reminds listeners that even when life gets dark, we should not give up and continue to live as we wish. The chorus repeats the line “fly higher” to support the idea of following your dreams.

Take Love Slowly

Softly” is a love song like others on the album, but it creates a completely different vibe, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Whilst the song begins slowly with a combination of strings, a funky beat soon kicks in as Miyeon begins to sing. 

The lyrics depict the want for love as she sings, “give me love softly.” However, the track also remind listeners not to rush when it comes to love as she follows with, “what’s the hurry?” and “don’t rush.”

For Neverland

With a Spanish guitar instrumental, Miyeon powerfully sings the phrase “TE AMO,” the title of the next song. The lyrics portray a strong love: “even the ordinary days that will pass by me evеry day/Meeting you makes me special.” It was revealed that these lyrics contain a heart-wearming message as they represent Miyeon’s love for Neverland. 

Miyeon previously teamed up with DJ and producer Raiden with the song “Side Effect” on his album Love Right Back. This time, Raiden produced “TE AMO” for Miyeon’s solo album, alongside other composers including singer-songwriter Julia Michaels.

Longing For Love

Featuring singer-songwriter JUNNY, the fifth track on the album is “Charging.” Simple piano chords begin the song, creating a calm atmosphere and showcasing Miyeon’s soft vocals.

The bass begins to get heavier as JUNNY adds his vocals, and the combination of both of the artists together creates a beautiful harmony. The song is about “charging” from the one you love due to the energy they give. “Every time I get tired/ You were the one who always get me up,” Miyeon sings.

An Emotional End 

MY ends on an emotional note with piano-heavy ballad “Rain.” The song was composed by fellow (G)I-DLE member, Yuqi. It is also more meaningful to listeners, as Miyeon wrote the lyrics herself. She used rain to represent the sadness of love coming to an end and also used it as a metaphor for her tears. “The wet love has become heavy, is like a burden/I hate how my heart has changed like this,” Miyeon sings.

Neverland expressed their gratitude to both Miyeon and Yuqi for being involved in the creation of the song on Twitter.

(G)I-DLE are known for their high energy, electronic title tracks. However, Miyeon expressed in the show Gossip Idle that she “wanted to show a new side” of herself through this album. With the versatile tracks that allowed her to portray a softer vocal tone, Miyeon definitely achieved this through the release of MY.

Listen to MY on Spotify and Apple Music, and keep up to date with Miyeon by following her on Instagram.

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