On October 28, global K-pop group MONSTA X announced the release of their brand new film, “MONSTA X : THE DREAMING.” It will be at movie theaters in over 70 countries. The film will be released in Korea on December 8 and worldwide on December 9 and 11. Tickets go on sale November 4 at 7PM EST. The film will be available in multiple formats including “ScreenX,” “4DX,”  and “4DX Screen.”

As a gift to Monbebe, MONSTA X’s devoted fandom, the new film will show the journey the six members have gone through in their careers so far. It will have exclusive one-on-one interviews with each member, special concert clips, and personal stories. This intimate film will also have musical performances of their hit single “One Day” and more from their new album, The Dreaming. As reported by Forbes, “One Day” is currently ranked at #32 on US Top 40 radio. This makes MONSTA X the second K-pop group in history to appear on the chart more than once.

No Limit on MONSTA X’s Discography

MONSTA X has been rocking the music industry since their formation. With four Korean albums holding the platinum award by the Korea Music Content Association and four Japanese singles certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, it is no question that MONSTA X is a force to be reckoned with. The group also released their first all-English album, All About Luv, in 2020, which ranked number five on the US Billboard 200, making them the third K-Pop group ever to chart within the Top 10.

Fans Take Their Excitement to Twitter 

After the news was released, Monbebe, MONSTA X’s fandom, couldn’t contain their excitement for the new film. 


Flurry of Albums and Performances 

The announcement for their film came just days after MONSTA X announced a new, all-English album titled THE DREAMING and a new mini-album called No Limit. The Dreaming album is set to release on December 10 and No Limit is set to release on November 19. 

The group is also set to perform at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball Tour for the holidays in the US. The performances will be held in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Miami. They will be performing alongside other notable artists such as The Jonas Brothers, Doja Cat, and more. 

After Jingle Ball, MONSTA X will kick off their tour in New York City. They will hit several cities throughout the US and Canada. 

With the new film, new music releases, and energetic performances, MONSTA X is ready to show the world once again why they are one of the world’s top K-pop groups in the world. Follow their Twitter and Instagram for updates on “MONSTA X : THE DREAMING” and more! 

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