MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul has gifted her fans a special mini-album this holiday season. The Present, which Moon Byul participated in writing and composing, was released on December 22 to celebrate both her birthday, which also falls on the release date, and Christmas. The three-track album features the title track “PRESENT” and the previously released songs “CHEMISTRY” and “A miracle 3days ago,” which provide the much-desired joy and comfort of the festive period.

Unwrapping the Title Track “PRESENT”

The funk-based R&B track, which boasts a vibrant beat, brass sounds, and jingle bells in the bridge, is ideal for getting listeners in the groove. The heartfelt lyrics of “PRESENT” are a reflection of the time Moon Byul has spent with her fans over the years. The artist expresses that the song truly is a gift for them: “This moment we met/ I fill my whole heart with you,” she sings brightly. With such a sincere meaning, the track emphasizes the value of showing appreciation for the people you care about during the holiday season. 

Reciprocating the sentiment, fans took to social media to show their gratitude for the song and convey their support for Moon Byul on her birthday. 

Moon Byul knew exactly what her fans wanted this holiday season— new music. In accordance with their wishes, she takes on the role of Santa Claus in the visual for the song, preparing a birthday party with a festive flare. She engages in winter activities such as ice skating and building snowmen, but also sticks to the customary birthday celebrations by baking a cake with balloons in the background.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

As Moon Byul’s birthday is on December 22, delivering music as a gift on this day has been a long-standing tradition. Although she is the main rapper of MAMAMOO, the artist showcased her emotive vocals in previous years through the covers “Thought of You,” “LOVE,” and “Hey.” 

Moon Byul released the warming Christmas single “A miracle 3days ago” in 2020, perfect to listen to on a cold winter’s night. The pop ballad opens with requisite jingle bells and Moon Byul entering a house decked out for the holidays with bright lights, stockings, and wreaths. As the song progresses, the mellow piano melody gracefully blends with Moon Byul’s calming vocals to heighten the emotional impact of the song. The lyrics are equally as moving as Moonbyul hoped to provide comfort to her fans. “I want to stay in your heart/ and pass it to you/ if you’re listening to this song,” she sings.

Continuing the theme of spreading warmth to listeners, Moon Byul released the single “CHEMISTRY” in 2021 as a symbol of the connection she has with her fans. The music video embodies the term “joy,” as Moon Byul revels in her birthday celebrations and spreads festivity to viewers. Sonically, the track is also a celebration of her versatility as an artist as she explores a contemporary R&B sound.

With the inclusion of the two tracks on the album, Moon Byul has ensured that December truly is the most wonderful time of the year for her fans. Marking their official release, the two tracks are now available on streaming platforms alongside the title track “PRESENT.” 

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