NCT 127 Boast Vocals in “Magic Carpet Ride”

By: Valerie Lopez
NCT 127 Magic Carpet Ride

Back from their festive train ride in “Dreamer,” NCT 127 have chosen a new method of transportation. On September 6, NCT 127 slowed down teasers with their latest R&B single “Magic Carpet Ride.” The nine-member group invited fans to their home in their latest track music video. “Magic Carpet Ride” is one of eleven songs from their upcoming album STICKER, to be released on September 17. 


A Passionate Journey to the 90s

“Magic Carpet Ride” is written by Cho Yoonkyung and composed by Harvey Mason Jr., J.Que, Britt Burton, and Dewaine Whitmore. NCT 127 took fans on a trip to the 90s with this new song. 

This track is a vocal-centric R&B song about the dream-like intimacy between two lovers. The lyrics are poetic and give subtle allusions to Disney’s Aladdin. The song suggests that a night with one’s partner is an experience as beautiful as flying on a magic carpet ride. The passionate lyrics are accompanied by NCT 127’s expressive vocals and soft raps, completing the overall romantic ambience of “Magic Carpet Ride.” 


A Breathtaking Video 

To suit the slow jam, NCT 127 shot their video for “Magic Carpet Ride” on a cozy home set. The overall video is minimal— all nine members sit in various locations of their house gazing off as they do mundane tasks. However, the simplicity is not unwelcome as each person is singing with passion, allowing the viewer to truly listen to the music and enjoy the performance.

With a name like “Magic Carpet Ride,” it is not hard for the audience to expect something magical. Even so, this is not a short-coming. The overall calm of the video allows fans to appreciate NCT 127’s natural beauty. Perhaps, it is their visuals that are mystifying, or the magic of love. Regardless, the video matches the feel of “Magic Carpet Ride.”


Adoration for the Track Video

NCTzens took to social media to discuss the drop. Fans expressed their love for the song, the members, and their capabilities as artists. 


What’s Next?

With just under two weeks until STICKER drops, “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Dreamer” have both lifted fans’ expectations. Just as they have done in the past, NCT 127 are sure to wow fans with diverse music releases. There are two more track videos to come this week, teasing some of the other songs on the album. Be sure to stay up-to-date with their drops, and enjoy “Magic Carpet Ride” on Spotify!

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.