NCT 127 Take Fans On Journey in “Dreamer”

By: Valerie Lopez

You’ve seen the NCT 127 tour bus and the NCT 127 elevator, now it’s time to hop aboard the NCT 127 train. On September 4 at 12 AM KST, the K-pop boy group teased their new funky song “Dreamer” ahead of the release of their third full-length album, STICKER. In their playful track music video, the nine members dream about enjoying their leisure on a train.


A Nostalgic and Dreamy Track

“Dreamer” is written by JamFactory and composed by Mich Hansen, Daniel Davidson, Peter Wallevik, Boy Matthews, and Asia Whiteacres. It is an upbeat love song about being in a dream-like relationship where the parties are inseparable. 

The festive mood is present throughout the track, first established in the opening with “Starlight, lighting up, delight.” The positivity is not unwelcome as the bright lyrics are a breath of fresh air. With dreamy lyrics and retro music, the song is seamlessly wound together through the members’ bright singing and refreshing raps a fitting combination for the summer time. 


All Aboard the 127 Express in “Dreamer” Track Video 

Contrasting with the atmosphere of the “Sticky” and “Seoul City” teaser images for STICKER, the video for “Dreamer” shares a softer side of NCT 127. The video opens with Jaehyun, who starts the song after pressing an orange button. The toy train in the center of the living room begins to move, the members all enjoying the sight in a dream-like state. 

The scene then switches up, showing Mark, Taeyong, and Doyoung opening the curtains. This is the start of NCT 127’s dream. In the other room, Taeil, Yuta, and Johnny sit on regular train seats. However, as the video progresses, their elevator rooms become more whacky. The seats bloom leaves and flowers the other two rooms are almost as ridiculous.  The members party in a room with metallic confetti adorning the walls and a disco ball and another room that resembles a personal study with books lining the walls. From the outside, Jungwoo, Haechan and Jaehyun teleport to the dream world, where they join in all of the fun. The short teaser ends with Jaehyun closing the curtains in a full circle moment. 


NCTzens Enjoy the Ride

While the track video of “Dreamer” is only a snippet of the full song, fans of NCT 127 had loads to say about the clip. Some took to social media to joke, while others began expressing their adoration for the group. 


A Delightful Tease for STICKER

“Dreamer” is one of eleven tracks on NCT 127’s upcoming album. The track snippet is available on Spotify; however, the full song will not be released until September 17 when STICKER drops. Be sure to keep an eye out for NCT 127’s three other track videos this week! 

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.