On September 9, NCT 127 released the video for “Lemonade,” the fourth track from their upcoming full-length album STICKER. 

“Lemonade” comes after the releases of other b-side tracks including “Dreamer,” “Magic Carpet Ride,” and “Road Trip.” The concept took a big turn, with the homely bright atmosphere giving out to a darker and sexier side of the group. This isn’t the first time NCT 127 has done such a concept, but it didn’t stop their fans, NCTzens, from going into a frenzy when the teaser pictures dropped prior. Fans caught on details and found interesting matches.





NCT, Work It!

After the music video of “Lemonade” dropped, the temperatures skyrocketed in Ncity.

The music video opens up with the members standing together as the sound builds up, and a show stopping solo shot of Jaehyun whispering “Lemonade.” With sharp moves, the outfits change, and the song starts. Each member appears on screen with background shots lit on fire. The first verse falls in the hands of the youngest of the group, Haechan, who carries it with coolness and ease in contrast to his surroundings.

The video transitions to Jaehyun’s rap verse, riding a motorcycle as he looks directly to the camera. Following him comes Yuta in the center of the group as they adventure into the powerful chorus. Taeyong and Johnny take on their own rap parts while Doyoung joins in with his velvety voice. 

The song continues with the attractive and energetic sound alongside a colorful set and a video filled with clever transitions.


Fans Thirst for Lemonade 

With the release came a wave of reactions from the loyal fans and it didn’t take long for Jaehyun’s name to trend worldwide on Twitter. 




And of course alongside all of the reactions certain sides of the fandom were especially active. 




NCT 127 is expected to promote “Lemonade” alongside the title track “STICKER” on music shows. As fans eagerly wait for the full track, they have the track and music video to please their eyes and ears. STICKER is scheduled to be released on September 17.


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Thumbnail courtesy of  SM Entertainment.