NCT 127 delivers bold performances for Sticker comeback showcase

By: Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Ramos
NCT 127 for Sticker comeback showcase

On September 18, 1 PM KST, following the release of their third studio album Sticker, nine-member boy group NCT 127 held their comeback showcase. The show was simultaneously broadcasted worldwide on NCT 127’s YouTube channel, SBS MTV, and MTV Asia. After a year and a half since their latest album, the comeback was a long-waited one from fans all over the world. 

The show opened up with an introduction video of the group, showing their records and achievements since their debut. The members were reminiscent of their career trajectory and thanked the fans for the success. They assured that this was only the beginning. “We still have so much that we want to show and we want to prove,” said Haechan. Later, the group dressed in red and black outfits, delivered an intense performance of their 2020 hit single “Kick It,” from their second full-length album NEO ZONE

The show continued with an interview hosted by non-other than the group’s leader Taeyong. The members expressed their excitement for the showcase and teased a special surprise performance dedicated to their fans, NCTzens. 


New Stage Performances

To kick it off with the first stage from the new album, the group performed the track “Lemonade,” a hip-hop dance song with intense bass sounds, in all-black outfits the members exhibited an impressive choreography. The charming stage caught fan’s attention who couldn’t hold their excitement and took on Twitter to share their reactions. 

Later on, the group returned to talk about the album. A preview of each track was played and the members shared some aspects and memories about working on a new album. For the song “Promise You, a mid-tempo pop song with refreshing sounds, the group explained that they felt a deep connection to the track since it represents their current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With lyrics “promise you of the day we meet again/I’ll give you a hug rather than saying something,” the boys wanted to convey their love for their fans. 

“To be frank, we had a big gap [in activity] and couldn’t meet because of the pandemic, and this song was the closest to including that,” said Taeyong. 

Up next, the group showed their charisma and versatility on a special medley of their three B-side tracks “Focus,” “Road Trip,” and “Bring The Noize.” 



The highlight of the medley comes with “Bring The Noize.” Taeyong, who took part in choreographing the stage, said that the song gives off the most “neo” vibes. When the beat drops the group delivers a powerful combination of moves and incredible synergy that matches the heaviness of the track. 


Behind the creation of Sticker

All throughout the showcase behind the scene cuts exhibit the process of creating the title track, the recording, the choreography, and the showcase itself. Mark and Taeyong, who took part in writing the lyrics for “Sticker,” revealed their feelings about working on the title track together. “We received the track with only the rap part of me and Taeyong empty, this meant a lot for me. I tried to write the lyrics that would best suit the group,” Mark said.

A Gift To The Fans

With “Promise You,” the members showed their outstanding vocals, the blending of the harmonies and the melody make for a fascinating performance. A surprise came at the end when the idols took on signs to portray a special message to the fans. 

The surprise reminded NCTzens of the fan projects they usually did for the group during concerts. 

NCT 127 closed the show with the performance of “Sticker.” The title track is a hip-hop dance song with addictive signature flute sounds. The members wore outfits from the music video and the stage incorporated an energetic performance with an intense dance break. Lastly, the group wrapped the show up with a special video message to NCTzen. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.