The official announcement of NCT 127’s upcoming album, STICKER, dropped on August 22. Since then, more details and information about the group’s third full-length album have been revealed. In addition to a schedule and a mood sampler, the group has kept fans on their toes with the unveiling of visually striking teasers.


“STICKY” Teasers

Ahead of their comeback promotions, the first preview for NCT 127’s “STICKER” has come full circle with the release of Johnny, Mark, and Haechan’s individual teasers. 

Corresponding to the “STICKY” concept, previous teasers for the rest of the members —Taeil, Jungwoo, Doyoung, Taeyong, Yuta, and Jaehyun— were released on social media. The hyper-colored pictures and video clips showed the members of NCT’s Seoul-based unit posing confidently against a green background. Focusing on an aesthetic that fuses technology with loose references to science fiction, the teasers are a feast for the eyes.

Fans Can’t Get Enough

Along with hyperreal images of foodstuff, psychedelic forms and a wardrobe full of pieces from Raf’s Simmons’ “Teenage Dream,” NCT 127 has caused havoc on the internet. For three consecutive days, fans have flooded social media with reactions to the concept.

Theories about what the teasers symbolize and what “STICKER” will sound like based on the images have made rounds on Twitter.

As it is expected from a fandom as creative as NCT’s, edits, visual boards and fan reinterpretations of the concept have also taken over social media platforms.

A Comeback to Look Forward To

After more than a year away from the Korean music scene, NCT 127 has kicked off a new era with the announcement of STICKER. The group has raised expectations with a college-themed project, concept clips, a V-LIVE broadcast and image teasers. Additionally, they have revealed details about the title track, and listed Mark and Taeyong in the credits for “STICKER.” 


Already breaking records before its release, NCT 127’s forthcoming album promises to become one of the most successful returns of the nine-member group. Stay tuned for more coverage on the anticipated comeback.

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Images courtesy of SM Entertainment. Graphic designed by @GTroubleArtist.