NCTzens can’t catch a break. 

Following a few days packed with an overload of social media content, NCT 127 has officially announced the release date for their upcoming album, STICKER. After the exciting reveal of a college-themed project, the K-pop group has finally set a date for their first Korean album in more than a year.

Mark Your Calendars

On Sunday, August 22, SM Entertainment confirmed that NCT 127 would be making their anticipated return with a full-length album set for release on September 17. The announcement came with a layout update on the group’s social media accounts and a teaser picture that sent fans into a whirlwind of emotions. 

STICKER will mark a new chapter for the nine-member act that last year set several records with their sophomore album Neo Zone. Judging by the concept and aesthetics provided over the past couple of days, it is safe to assume NCT 127 will continue to explore the overarching theme of technology attached to its name.

Fans Rejoice

Although the Japanese member of NCT 127, Yuta, had already revealed the release date of the album, fans were still overjoyed with the date confirmation. Needless to say, NCT 127 set Twitter on a roll. Ecstatic over the news, fans shared their anticipation, built theories, and congratulated the group on the official kick-off of this new era.

NCTzens went as far as to make fashion guesses and connect the visuals of the teasers with pop culture references.

Naturally, NCT 127 soon became a trending topic worldwide.

What To Expect

Building up to the album’s official announcement, NCT 127 had previously shared a teaser video and Instagram updates in an AU-esque fashion. The members of the group immersed themselves into the world of NCIT and portrayed fictional characters in a “Coding Crew.” Through several pictures and short clips, the band explored a college-themed concept that hinted at the development of the SM Culture Universe. 


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Album Details 

According to NCT 127’s official site, STICKER contains 11 songs, including the title track of the same name. The album will be sold in two different versions, a “Sticky Version” and a “Jewel Case Version,” that will be available to preorder on August 23.  In addition to “STICKER,” the tracklist includes 10 other songs in varied music genres. As stated by SM Entertainment, the album highlights the group’s unique performances and musical style. Preorders are available through NCT 127’s official shop, on Target, Amazon, and other online shops.

Though we might not know what to expectsound-wisefor STICKER, fans can anticipate more information from the members of the group themselves. NCT 127 is scheduled to participate in a LIVE broadcast on August 24th, where they will be answering fan questions.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.