The excitement continues to rise for the Neos. On November 20 at 12 AM KST, NCT 2021 dropped the fourth round of teasers for their upcoming full-length album Universe, set to release on December 14. Today’s teasers include Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Mark, and Sungchan.

Inside The NEWAXIS

With three batches of teasers already out, NCT 2021 continues to draw NCTzens’ attention. In order of release, the official accounts posted teasers for Ten, Mark, Johnny, Yuta, and Sungchan. The fourth set of pictures follows NCT’s futuristic tech concept. It shows each member standing on a platform with two metal rings alluding to axes, all dressed in different shades of blue, black, and grey. The photos also include a red glimmering light and the word “NEWAXIS” on some of the member’s faces. 

A color scheme of blue and purple adds a new aspect to the photos as it contrasts with the red light and the blinding white light of the word “NEWAXIS.” It also creates a kaleidoscopic effect, as seen on Johnny’s teasers below.

NCTzens React

Since the release of the first batch of teasers, fans haven’t been able to hold their anticipation for NCT 2021. Taking to social media to express their support and even create theories, NCity is eager to see this comeback with new additions.


What’s Next?

Following the release of NCT 2020’s Resonance, NCT 2021’s third full-length album Universe will continue to expand the group’s unlimited concept. For now, it remains unknown what to expect regarding new subunits, title tracks, and dance numbers. However, with more content on the way, we can’t wait to see what this comeback has in store! 

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.