NCT’s third album, Universe, is approaching quickly! For the past few weeks, the boy group has been consistently teasing its release. With no official comeback timeline, fans are always anticipating new and exciting content. Indeed, after the intriguing YearDream videos, NCT continues to surprise fans. On December 2, at exactly 12 am KST, NCT Dream struck with a two-minute track video, “Dreaming.” 

Out of the Purple

As the YearDream videos came to a wrap, NCTzens wondered if there would be more pre-release content coming their way. This question was answered when the NCT account posted individual and group teasers on November 30. Revealed from youngest to oldest, the Dreamies pose against a purple background. They also make use of simple white geometric platforms to elevate their youthful charms. 

In the group teasers, NCT Dream presents a new charming side. Showing off their “emo” energy, they pose in black-and-white grunge outfits. Additionally, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail, they gather around a red car — an object familiar to their past music videos — in two converging garages. The ceiling shows similarity to the concrete floor. This anomaly sparks a discussion on NCT’s lore and the infamous KWANGYA. 

A Dreamful Reunion

In a press release, SM Entertainment describes “Dreaming” as a house R&B track with an enchanting, dream-like hook and intense bassline. True to the YearDream story line, the lyrics recount the members connecting with each other through dreams. 

On the following night, NCT Dream’s “Dreaming” finally made its debut. The two-minute track video starts with the Dreamies in a cave-like room with bright orange lighting. The calm first verse featuring Haechan and Jisung soon builds up to a bass-heavy beat with the unit’s main rappers, Jeno and Mark. The mood dwindles down as Chenle and Renjun’s sweet and powerful vocals fill the song up to the groovy chorus reminiscent of 90’s R&B. Jaemin comes to the center with captivating moves, bringing the song to a close. With a catchy music box tune hook and stunning neon lights, the Dreamies gave an exhilarating performance.

Love From Fans

With the first track off of the Universe album being revealed, fans across NCity couldn’t help but share their excitement!

What’s Next?

With the release of Universe set to drop on December 14, NCTzens can expect to see more track videos and teasers of the 21-member project. To celebrate the release, NCT will be livestreaming on YouTube for the ‘NCT ‘Universe’ Countdown Live’ on December 14 at 4:30 KST to communicate with global fans. The title track of the full album, “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” will be pre-released on December 10 at 6PM KST as well. Keep up to date with NCT 2021 on NCT’s Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. 

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