NCT Dream in New Pinkfong Collaboration Video

By: Valerie Lopez
NCT Dream Red Rex animation
Courtesy of SM Entertainment and Pinkfong

By Valerie Lopez | @valschwarie


As part of the collaboration between NCT Dream and Pinkfong, NCT Dream released two new music videos for their recent hit single “맛(Hot Sauce)” on May 28. The new child-friendly videos—an English version and Korean re-make of the song with animated figures who represent the seven NCT Dream members—dropped on both NCT Dream’s and PinkFong’s YouTube channels. 

In the music videos, the chibi-style animated versions of NCT Dream traveled back to the prehistoric era and ran into the dinosaurs. In order to survive the scary encounter, NCT Dream did what they do best: perform. The members performed for the dinosaurs, including Pinkfong’s dinosaur mascot Red Rex, and served them delicious dishes with lots of hot sauce. To match the wholesome visuals, the lyrics were modified to reflect the intended audience.


Foreshadowing the Content

Following the educational “Dinosaurs A to Z” track on May 5, Pinkfong and NCT Dream teased the music video by releasing a TikTok featuring Red Rex on May 27. In the TikTok, the seven members and Red Rex did the “Shake It Shake It” challenge, also known as the sseuka dance

On May 27, NCT Dream also dropped details about the family-friendly remakes of their hit song “맛(Hot Sauce)” and released information about their upcoming merchandise collaboration: cartoon keychains of the members dressed in dinosaur onesies. Pre-orders for the keychains will open starting in mid-June.


Fan Responses

In response to the collaboration, some fans noted the differences between the original track and the modified versions. 


NCTzens also compared the characters of the video to NCT 127 member Johnny and figures in æspa’s concept. 


Other fans showed support by making jokes. 


Some fans responded to the video by asking NCT Dream to perform “맛(Hot Sauce)” in dinosaur costumes.


A Hot Track

맛(Hot Sauce)” was initially released on May 10 as part of a ten-track album with the same name. Since the release of 맛(Hot Sauce), NCT Dream has been breaking their personal records and topping charts left and right, including the Gaon, Oricon Weekly, Billboard Japan, and United World Chart.  NCT Dream has also topped their sales record earning 1 million sales in a week, and 2 million sales in 16 days. They are currently on their seventh win at Korean music shows, another personal record accomplished during this spicy promotional period.

With all of these accomplishments under NCT Dream’s belt, it is no surprise that NCT Dream and Pinkfong banded together to create more “맛(Hot Sauce)” content for a wider audience!

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment and Pinkfong