From the “Universe” to the world, NCT are back with a fresh concept video for their upcoming Universe album. Inspired by their previous “SM_NCT #1  the Origin” and “NCTmentary” videos, NCT dropped their “NCT 2021 YearDream : Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream)” teaser on November 22. 

Back To The Beginning 

Taeyong, Sungchan and Shotaro are the stars of the brief 80 second clip. The video starts with NCT’s latest additions descending a winding staircase into an all-white living room. The screen switches to Taeyong, who appears to be lying down in the same room in another universe. He says, “this time, two” before the camera pans back to Shotaro and Sungchan.

SM_NCT #1  the Origin” plays on the TV when Sungchan and Taeyong simultaneously lift the same whistle and the door cracks slightly open with a red light. This commences the start of NCT’s debut track “The 7th Sense.” Taeyong’s room becomes red. The crack in the door causes a vertical red line to appear on Shotaro’s face that is reminiscent of the scanning lines from the previous set of individual member teasers.

Lights, Camera, Axis!

This video follows the clean, white room theme from previous teasers. Some members have “NEW AXIS” along their faces reminiscent to “NCT 2018 Yearbook # 2 teaser where Jaehyun had his name projected across his face. Others stood with a red light over them in a seemingly still image of a body scan. 

The best way to describe the teasers would be an amalgamation between “NCT 2018 Yearbook,” “Superhuman,” and “See The V.” The teasers offer similar objects and themes from older neo teasers, which is certainly present in the most recent concept video.

The Origin Sends NCity Into A Frenzy 

The throwback to NCT’s debut content did not go unnoticed. Fans got nostalgic upon seeing “SM_NCT #1 the Origin” video and hearing “The 7th Sense” in the brief concept video. 

Other fans were quick to put on their detective caps, and pointed out similarities between objects and figures in the NCT and SM realms.


What’s next in the “Universe”?

NCT’s third full-length album officially comes out on December 14. Pre-orders for NCT’s Universe officially open on November 22. 

Leading up to D-Day, fans can expect a wealth of content from both the NCT members and the official NCT accounts. Be sure to follow NCT on Twitter and Instagram for updates! 


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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment.