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Pronouns: she/her

Location: USA (from India originally)

Listening to K-music:

From March 2020

Stanning NCT?

I stumbled upon NCT by pure happenstance. I was watching the KoreanEnglishmen channel quite a lot in Feb 2020, and they had interviewed some K-pop idols called NCT. So I was like hey let’s see what that was like. And I enjoyed their interview a lot, it felt very natural and authentic, and not a fabricated persona. Mark stood out to me because I just found him very funny. But that was that I did not seek out NCT. But youtube was on to me and suggested NCT quite a few times and I clicked on an mv just to satisfy youtube sometime in March. I think it was Kick it, I cannot quite remember which it was. But I remember that I did love the music. Mind you this was my first K-pop song outside of Gangnam style. So I ventured into other NCT songs and then discovered all their other title music videos, including Dream, NCT U, and WayV. And I am embarrassed to say this as an Asian myself, but apart from Mark, I couldn’t figure out their faces, because SE-Asian facial features are not something I was familiar with in the slightest. But their music intrigued me so much that I went down the rabbit hole of guides to NCT videos and all their interviews till I could tell everyone apart and name them right away. That was when I felt like ok, maybe I am really invested in this group and hey, am I actually into K-pop now? It’s just not something I would have ever thought of getting into you know? After that, I watched all NCT daily videos, Rainbow V projects, their NCT Music and Dance channels, listened to their albums till I can actually tell their voices apart too, in songs, while I am just jamming to their albums. I feel quite proud to say I didn’t use the lyric videos available all over on youtube but just by the sheer number of times I watched their videos lol. Honestly, I am very new to K-pop, so I don’t really think I can say what it is about NCT that is different from other groups, but I can say I was really drawn by the concept of having no limits to their number and their music. I love love love their discography, all units!!! That was quite a long drawn out answer and I am so sorry to whoever has to read it *hugs* ^_^

NCT’s impact:

It was just by chance that I got into NCT when I did because I was in a pretty bad place mentally then. It was the desire to see more of their music, more of their concerts, more of their interactions with each other and their fans, that led me to look forward to the next day because just living through each day was an achievement for me then. Now I can say quite truthfully NCT got me through that time, and I feel much better these days. They quite literally were my saviors, and once I discovered Renra, I had something to look forward to each day. I love the boys so much not just because of their music and their amazing personalities and talent, but also because they made me survive for about 6 months where I was just down in the dumps mentally. So, the Neos has been a boon, a blessing, a godsend to me in so many ways!

Favorite NCity moment:

Oh, this is so hard! I loved their Beyond Live concerts so much, especially WayV’s because that was their first proper concert! But my absolute favorite NCity moment right now has to be the day NCT 2020 was announced. I can remember very clearly how my whole timeline was in shambles over NCT Dream’s Instagram bio changing and then how it was back to normal within a few minutes. I recall waiting with bated breath till 11.57 pm KST on all NCT twitter pages, and then when it got really too much, just going to read some fan fiction for a few minutes just to catch my breath. And then when I came back to Twitter by some 12.03 am KST, there it was. NCT 2020. I was ecstatic, elated, overjoyed! I was truly over the moon. Every moment with the boys is to be treasured, but this just stands out to me I think.

Would say to NCT:

I would like to tell my favorite boys on the planet that they helped me get through a bad place with their music and their kind words, and for that, I will forever be grateful, that I will always keep them in my prayers and support them in all their endeavors, that I love them and wish they achieve every single thing they want and even more!

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