Pronouns: she, her

Location: USA

Listening to K-music:

3 years

Stanning NCT:

I started stanning them because of some funny/cute moments of them on a YouTube video that was recommended to me. The members caught my eyes so I decided to do some more research on them. The first MV I watched was Cherry Bomb and I had to say, it was superb. Their songs, choreography, how they sang, and rapped- it was just overall amazing. They’re very unique, I’ve never heard of an unlimited member group until I met NCT.

NCT’s impact:

NCT is a part of my life. I enjoy watching them, they comfort me in some kind of way. Whenever I was sad or just not in the mood, watching some of their funny or cute moments would always lighten me up. They made me become a more positive and strong person and I thank them for that.

Favorite NCity moment:

My favorite NCity moment is when NCT 2018 was filming Black on Black. Their reactions and communication towards each other are so kind and funny.

Would say to NCT:

NCT, thanks for making me become a happier person. Thanks for making me realize who I am and not what I ‘should’ be. You opened my eyes to reality and really helped support me when I was in my bad times. Watching your videos, lives, and songs always eases me and helps lift my spirit. Again, thank you so much NCT.

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Thumbnail: Jisung, IG