NCT & U: @neo_doie

By: EnVi Lifestyle Team
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How long have you been listening to K-music?

Since March 2019.

When and how did you first start stanning NCT? What stood out about them from other groups to you?

I started stanning last year because I kept seeing so many funny clips of them on my timeline and I thought they looked like such genuine and happy people, their happiness felt contagious and I felt compelled to know more. One of the first things I do before stanning a group is listen to their whole discography. When I listened to NCT’s I saw such a diverse mix of music and it felt so new, refreshing, and even comforting and I think that really caught my attention. What really compelled me to become a fan was the friendship dynamics within the group because I could see they were all so comfortable with each other. They really made me feel part of it and it was something I hadn’t felt with any other group before. 

What does NCT mean to you? What has changed in your life/about you since you’ve found them?

I think I have learned a lot from them and one of the things that stick out to me the most is how it’s okay to admit that relationships aren’t perfect. Relationships are something you constantly work on and improve, there is no shame in admitting you’re not perfect and that’s okay because you’re human. I think I’ve also grown more comfortable with myself and working at my own pace in my own way.

What’s your favorite NCity moment?

The day they announced Jungwoo was coming back and a few days later Neozone was announced. I don’t think I’ve ever seen everyone so excited, united, and hopeful at that time. It was so funny and it brought out the best in everyone, I really enjoyed it. 

What is one thing you’d want to say to NCT or want them to know? It can be about you, about their music, about the fandom, etc.

I just want to thank them for always inspiring me and touching my heart in their own unique way. For always giving me something to look forward to, something to be excited about, and having people to share that with. These past few months have been so challenging and without them, I would have felt completely lost but they have given me a sense that even if the whole world is going wrong, there’s still someone out there reassuring me that problems won’t last forever and that we are not alone. Thank you for being you and for sharing that with us, for letting us be part of your journey, and for being on our own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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