Kansas, USA


Listening to K-Music:
I’ve been listening to K-music for almost 5 years.

Stanning NCT:
To be honest, I was first a GOT7 stan. Then I saw a Tumblr post about BamBam and Ten having to go through the Thai enlistment lottery. There I saw this photo of Ten and thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever laid my eyes on, something about him was just so ethereal and gorgeous I had to figure out who he was and stan him. Ten is the one who stood out to me, and I solo stanned for a bit before being drawn in by the rest of the member’s charms.

NCT’s impact:
I’ve felt so comforted and have made so many friends through NCT. Everything changed since I started stanning. They are one of my biggest joys going about life each day. Not only do the members make me feel this amount of happiness I can feel being radiated through my bones, but they seem to me as a group of people I can relate to, and they’re very much down to earth. I have looked at the world differently since I started stanning. They’ve taught me to look for joy even in the smallest of things, and to laugh whenever I can. Overall, my life has been filled with so much joy because of them.

Favorite NCity moment:
The day Jungwoo was announced to join 127 is my favorite NCity moment. That day I, and the other kangajis, were so happy to see him join them. It was truly one of the happiest days of being a NCTzen.

What would you say to NCT:
Thank you. If I will get the chance to talk to 127, I would simply say thank you. They have pushed me to grow and be the best person I can be, and I constantly live by Johnny’s advice to surround myself with good people. For that and all the joy they’ve brought me, I would say thank you.