With globally renowned brands introducing new collections, Fashion Month is a prime opportunity to experiment with a new look. Hanni of K-pop girl group NewJeans — a Fashion Week regular despite her relatively short career — took the chance to debut a stunning new hairdo at Gucci’s Spring Summer 2024 show on September 22. The long, completely blonde Hime cut received praise from fans, who took to social media to react, and news outlets that dedicated headlines to her “hair bleach.” What many didn’t realize, however, is that the look was all possible thanks to a flawlessly laid wig courtesy of hairstylist Gabe Sin.

Hanni’s Blonde Roots

Hanni was first spotted with blonde hair in concept photos and music videos from NewJeans’ recent record, Get Up. The mini album, released in the summer of Barbie, was accompanied by various promotional materials where the quintet rocked identical blonde tresses. The styling of the pre-release teaser images overlapped with the music video for “ASAP,” in which Hanni, wearing a black bow and fairy wings, sings and dances in a dreamy faerie world. 

In the music video for the group’s single, “Super Shy,” Hanni also wore a blonde, iron-straight wig, accessorized to match the music video’s 2000s cheerleader theme. Fans couldn’t get enough of the K-pop star with blonde hair — and, according to Hanni herself, neither could she.

Teasing Fans at Gucci

Given the positive reactions, it’s no surprise that the superstar wanted to give blonde hair another try. Ahead of Gucci’s SS24 showing at Milan Fashion Week, Hanni uploaded a series of photos flaunting what seemed to be a completely new dye job. 

Though fans swooned over the look, complimenting the idol’s visuals and comparing her to Barbie, further snooping revealed that Hanni’s blonde locks were actually curated by the celebrity hairstylist, Gabe Sin. Sin regularly works with K-pop idols and models for music videos, photoshoots, and editorial spreads. In fact, Sin was responsible for the blonde wigs and dyed extensions in “ASAP” and “Super Shy.” Understandably, then, he was able to create an illusion so perfect for Hanni’s Milan Fashion Week appearance that even the most observant were fooled. 

Trendy Hair

Hanni’s dip into the blonde Hime cut plays into two of the year’s biggest trends. The Japanese Hime haircut has steadily gained popularity on social media, with the TikTok hashtag Hime amassing more than 350 million cumulative views. 

In addition, the July 2023 release of Barbie inspired a fanatic appreciation for the color pink and a love for Margot Robbie-esque bleached blonde hair. According to Fresha, a global beauty and wellness marketplace and booking company; compared to the same period last year, salons saw an 83% increase in Barbie-inspired services — such as pink nails and, of course, blonde hair transformations — in June and July. 

Though Hanni’s blonde hair at Milan Fashion Week was nothing but a wig, it is not the end for fans who hope to see her in blonde one day. In a YouTube interview with ELLE Korea, the singer confessed that although she prefers black hair, she loved trying the blonde looks for Get Up. 

With this hair color still taking the world by storm, EnVi is attentively observing what other stars may venture into the blonde realm before yearend. 

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