JYP Entertainment’s latest girl group, NMIXX, is finally here. After months of teasing, the seven-member group— consisting of LILY, HAEWON, SULLYOON, JINNI, BAE, JIWOO, and KYUJIN— are set to debut. NMIXX will release their first single, “AD MARE,” on February 22.

Welcoming Fans With Audio Teasers

On January 4, NMIXX dropped audio teasers on Spotify. In their special audio, “Now is the time! We are NMIXX,” the septet introduced themselves, their journey, and their upcoming music. The eight clips were a mix of narration from the girls and music teasers. The first track has an EDM sound, whereas the second song teased has a more rock feel due to the strong guitar, bass, and drums in the instrumental.

The visual for the playlist resembles the iridescent water aesthetic the girls took on for their group’s name drop. The object is a glass cassette tape with NMIXX and the numbers 133 and 100 written on it.

On Their Momentous Debut Teasers

The group’s first official trailer came out on January 25. This revealed the name of the girl group, NMIXX, in a water-like gradient font over a mysterious tune. JYPn, NMIXX’s old social media name, then changed its name from JYPn to NMIXX on all platforms. While this was the name reveal, JYPn had previously finalized the lineup in early December 2021 with a short clip titled “All Qualified.” Each of the seven members was shared to be an “ace,” full of visuals, singing, and dancing talents.

The next teaser to come out was a concept teaser narrated by LILY. The video, titled “New Frontier: Declaration,” describes a dual-world setting, where dreams and reality blur. Though the visuals of the video did not reveal much about the members, it opened a world of lore for the upcoming girl group. From galaxies to desert scapes and never-ending hallways, the teaser created a momentous atmosphere for the world of NMIXX.

The next major reveal was NMIXX’s debut trailer. Featuring all seven members, the trailer for their debut showcased each members’ acting, visual, and dancing abilities as they maintained chilling eye contact with the camera. The tune in the video was produced by Dem Jointz, who has produced numerous songs for global superstars including Janet Jackson, Dr. Dre, and Christina Aguilera. 

Starting with a unique EDM beat, the music slows down in pace and the piano overrides the tune, indicating a grand change. Matching the new flow of the music, the girls avert their gaze from the camera to their surroundings. The moment captured has a suspenseful buildup reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s iconic “Dawn of Man” scene. 

Building Anticipation for the Group

Months before details of the new girl group were out, JYP Entertainment opened pre-orders for their next girl group’s “Blind Package” merchandise in July. A teaser for the merchandise appeared on a mysterious Twitter called JYPn. There were almost no details of the lineup and merchandise at the time, but the company opened pre-orders for the new group. 

After ten days of promotion, the unknown group garnered over 61,000 pre-orders on their undisclosed album. While this may be a shock for outsiders, this is not hard to believe for a JYP group. JYP Entertainment birthed many well-known girl groups, including Wonder Girls, MissA, TWICE, ITZY, and NiziU. The high pre-order numbers are a sign of brand loyalty and trust.

In addition to NMIXX’s social media presence and mysterious product sales, the septet gained hype through their JYPn YouTube channel. Members were subsequently revealed through “Qualifying Highlights” that unveiled their dancing, singing, and performance abilities. The first members were revealed in August and the last one was introduced in late November. 

After building excitement for the group over the course of seven months, NMIXX’s debut comes with equally exciting teasers and concept videos. Fans and potential fans alike will be looking out for the new group’s official debut on February 22.

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