Right on the heels of their newest single, “Rain To Be,” ONEWE surprised fans with yet another music video for the tropical B-side track, “Veronica.” Although fans have listened to this summertime earworm for almost two weeks now, the band’s resident keyboard player (Dongmyeong) added a special musical twist that is soaring through the hearts of fans online.



Keytar Solo For The Win

Throughout his years with ONEWE, 21-year-old vocalist Dongmyeong has shown time and time again that he is a star on the keys. Whether it’s a soft piano lead for their ballads or an uplifting keyboard moment for their soft-rock classics, the singer carries a melody like no other. But it’s his funky keytar that brings out the most charisma on stage, and the instrument he’s become synonymous with among WEVE (their fandom).

In this new, slightly rearranged version of “Veronica,” Dongmyeong finally took center stage with his first keytar solo that fans have waited what seems like a lifetime for. As opposed to sliding on his knees—which he usually does—Dongmyeong opted for a simple kneel as he ripped the slick keytar to shreds (metaphorically, of course). The delight and satisfaction on his face said it all, acting as an echo of what every WEVE felt while watching.




More Standout Moments From ONEWE

Dongmyeong isn’t the only one snatching hearts in the video, though. His four band members have equally breathtaking moments, styles, and overall charm. Bassist, rapper, and ONEWE’s youngest member CyA sported his hair in two pigtails and cat ears, emphasizing his boyish look compared to his usual style. It’s a nice contrast to the tattoo on his forearm on full display — something that he rarely shows.




Meanwhile, lead singer Yonghoon showed off another rare moment in which he played the guitar throughout the music video. Normally, the 27-year-old holds down the center stage with his multifaceted vocals alone. But here, he was able to rock out with fellow guitarist Kanghyun on strings and looked great while doing it.


Mission: ONEWE Goes Viral Sensation

Aside from the fun surprises in “Veronica,” ONEWE has gained quite the attention lately, for the last two members specifically.

After debuting his electric blue hair, the Internet was buzzing with questions asking, “who is the blue-haired guitar player from ONEWE?” Well, in case you missed it, his name’s Kanghyun. Captivated by his pulsating guitar solos and boy-next-door image, K-pop fans are sure to fall head-over-heels for him in no time.



Finally, there’s Harin. Although he’s usually playing behind his band, the drummer easily catches the eye of fans with his new long black hair and sleeveless arms. It gives him a dark, brooding look, even if he’s a softie in real life.


While the fiery quintet released its first EP, Planet Nine: Alter Ego, on June 16, the promotional content continues to pour in with “Veronica” as the newest addition. In the meantime, ONEWE is clearly living its best life, whether in the pouring rain or the heat of the sun.

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Thumbnail Courtesy of RBW Official.