ONF Give Goosebumps With Their Latest Comeback

By: Annie Bourbonnais
ONF Goosebumps

After shocking the K-pop world by announcing the enlistment of the group’s five Korean members, ONF continue to surprise. Ahead of their hiatus, ONF returned to the stage for one last time with “Goosebumps.” With the mini-album of the same name, the comeback was their fourth this year and their last for the next year and a half. 

At its release, the group’s sixth mini-album charted at #13 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart, while all the songs entered the Bugs charts. The title track “Goosebumps” was also the most streamed group song of the platform on its first 24 hours of release.

I’ll Save You From the Nightmare


ONF’s “Goosebumps” is a powerful funk-inspired dance song with an addictive bass and punk elements. The track was written and composed by NOPARI, Yoon Jong Sung, ONF member MK, and the ever-present Hwang Hyun. The latter is responsible for many hits on ONF’s discography, showing up in the credits of four out of five tracks in the album. 

As their fourth comeback in 2021 alone, the “Goosebumps” track and music video, as well as the entire mini-album, are a nod to ONF’s history so far and what to expect from their future. This intention is clear when you notice the many parallels and references to their previous music videos, such as “Why,” “Beautiful Beautiful,” and “Sukhumvit Swimming”. The music video brings their already known futuristic and sci-fi aesthetic, this time in the form of a cyberpunk and nightmare-like virtual reality.


The Mini-album

Following the title, the next track “Whistle” tells the story of someone who was cursed to be a cat. Fans drew a parallel immediately with their debut B-side “Cat’s Waltz.” The funky “Fat and Sugar” comes up next to bring an alternative vibe, while “Alarm” is an R&B ballad, introduced officially as the continuation of “If We Dream,” a B-side track also present in their debut mini-album. “Show Must Go On” closes off the album, an EDM track said to be an opening to ONF’s next chapter. It’s very fitting for the group’s plans after this comeback.


The Future of ONF

Surprising fans and non-fans alike, ONF announced earlier in November that all of them—except for maknae U, who is Japanese—would enlist in the military as close together as possible, in the span of the last week of December. In their fancafe letters, leaders Hyojin and J-Us explained that they made this decision together. They would like to go and come back as quickly as possible so they could all create new memories with Fuse, their fans, again.


Before they go, ONF will have an offline concert on December 9 and 10. They will also hold two other performances on the 11th and 12th, which will be broadcast online.

We wish ONF to be healthy and safe during their military service. We can’t wait for their return!

You can listen to Goosebumps on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow ONF on Twitter and Instagram.

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