Peach Fuzz: Color of The Year 2024 and How To Sport it (Makeup Edition) 

By: Mel Simmons
Thumbnail courtesy of Mal Peterson

Bouncing back from the baby pink makeup craze of 2023, makeup bags may look slightly different in 2024. To ring in the new year, a milky, pastel color coined Peach Fuzz was selected as Pantone’s Color of 2024.

As per Pantone, Peach Fuzz reflects the world’s yearning for togetherness and communicates a message of caring and sharing. The American color company introduced the color as, “A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

Compared to last year’s Vivid Magenta, this peachy color evokes feelings of comfort with its easy-going and cute hues. However, Peach Fuzz aligns with the retro pastel color trends of years prior — good news for Y2K lovers — while exuding warmth and comfort.

At EnVi, we’re already thinking about how the beauty landscape will look like with this color’s influence, so we rounded up makeup ideas for eyes, lips, and face — Peach Fuzz edition. 

Photo courtesy of Pantone

The Peach Gaze

The peach gaze is refreshing and warm, with a touch of sweetness. Inspired by the soft orange and pink gradation of peaches, this eye look is all about layering soft warm shadows to achieve a dimensional and fresh appearance. 

The K-Beauty Peachy Gaze 

The K-beauty industry has long been obsessed with cute peachy makeup, so their modern take makes a perfect example. Creating a seamless gradation, the eyeshadow look focuses on layering peach and deep coral shades towards the lash line. Additionally, makeup artists top off the eyeshadow with delicate false lashes and winged liner. In a nutshell, the K-beauty peach gaze is the epitome of an everyday, fruity fresh look.

When achieving the K-beauty peachy gaze, remember to stay low on the eyelid and blend well. 

Pro Tip: Extending the light peachy shadows far past the crease will take the look from day to night. And a touch of glassy fine glitter will automatically upgrade this look.

The Peach Smokey Gaze

Hone in on the peach makeup trend and give it a glamorous spin! Layered but without heavy shadows, the peach smokey eye adds the perfect touch of drama while still staying on trend. After contouring the eyes with cocoa browns, makeup artists pop on warm apricot shadows on the center of the lid. This technique allows the peach shadow to shine while still endowing the gaze with a sultry finish. 

Pro Tip: When applying the peachy shadow on the center of the lid, make sure to tap — and not swipe! Swiping could make the look appear muddy and lessen the glow of the lid. 

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Peachy Keen Cheeks

Step aside Barbiecore blushes of 2023. There’s a new pastel blush in town! The thought of donning baby apricot cheeks may cause some brows to furrow, but this is not an entirely new concept. In the late 2010s, the Japanese and Korean beauty industries couldn’t get enough of peach tones. K-beauty first birthed a peach-colored trend and Japanese makeup artists followed suit with the igari blush trend. 

Now it’s 2024. How exactly do we put this knowledge into a new, modern peach blush look? Since peach is a light pastel color, placing it in a diffused igari-inspired style can be cute and flattering. To get the look, diffuse the pastel hue just above the cheekbones to the outer face — it will give a lived-in aesthetic while lifting the face. 

Pro tip: This color pulls very warm, so stray away from applying too far down the cheek as it could make the wearer look sallow.


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Pretty Peach Pout

With thousands of peachy-toned lip products on the market, achieving the ultimate peach lip is just at arm’s reach. Whichever finish you prefer, there are plenty of options to choose from to create a peachy pout. 

The 2010s Way

Pop divas are bringing back the smokey eyes and nude lips combination of the 2010s with a modern edge. If you’re in for this retro look, take a page from their beauty book and pair dark eye makeup with a peachy pout. Those into K-beauty can recreate this chic night-on-the-town style using the overlip technique with nude peach lipstick.

Girl-Next-Door Glazed Lips

Those who opt for a girl-next-door aesthetic may prefer a candy-glazed peach lip. Glassy and playful, peach-glazed lips are the perfect pop of color when makeup looks lean too flat. These carefree glosses add the perfect 1970s retro kick to any everyday makeup look. It helps, of course, that the Y2K craze has the world obsessed with ultra-glossy lips.

Peach Matte

Matte baby peach lips are the perfect chic take for Peach Fuzz-inspired makeup. Whether it is baby peach or muted pumpkin shades, patting on matte lipsticks is enough. Looking for a voluminous pout without the lip plumper? Graze your lip line with burnt apricot lip liner and fill in it with light peach lipstick.

Pro tip: If you’re weary of “concealer lips,” take a neutral lip liner that is two to three shades darker than your lipstick and rim the outer lip lines to deepen the look. 

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Charming peach shades have slowly infiltrated fashion and beauty spaces in 2023 so the cozy, inviting, and delicate Peach Fuzz is the perfect warm welcome to 2024. Now that we covered our picks, do you feel like stepping into the new year with a playful peachy look?

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