It’s the year 2023 and no one can get enough of a healthy, glossy pout. During the past couple of years, the beauty industry took a hard left from dry, matte liquid lipsticks to lips that shine from a mile away. And this trend isn’t going anywhere as celebrities across the board keep making a case for the look. A case in point is Winter —  member of the K-pop group aespa — who sported a beautiful flushed glossy lip to attend the Gucci Cruise 2024 presentation in Seoul, proving the allure of this makeup trend.

An All-Kill Look 

Having shown their many colors through a plethora of concepts, the girls of aespa have demonstrated that they can rock any look. The four-member act has starred in beauty campaigns, wearing youthful looks that subtly enhance their features with glowy base makeup and natural eyeshadow. More recently, in the midst of the promotions of their third mini album MY WORLD, the group has donned the edgiest and most Y2K-inspired styles.

Channeling that era’s most prominent lip makeup trend, Winter wore glazed lips to attend Gucci’s show in Seoul. Dressed in a two-piece set and hyper-glowy makeup, the singer’s visuals danced between glamorous femininity and refined preppy fashion. The art of juxtaposition was the key to this look as the vocalist sported a knitted crop top with the classic green and red Gucci stripes, paired with a patent cherry-toned leather skirt. The chic look was glamorously accessorized with a Gucci Deco mini shoulder bag and a pair of black Horsebit pumps.

Photo courtesy of Gucci

The Glossy Lips

With camera lights illuminating the sky at Gyeongbokgung Palace, Winter’s makeup looked truly ethereal. Makeup artist Jo Eun Bee, from the Kitts Hair & Makeup Salon, created this hyper-glowy, glamorous look for the artist. Angel-like, glass skin was paired with striking eye makeup that featured diffused cork eyeshadow and fierce black inner and outer corner wings.

However, the key point was the glossy, ombre pout. Nude lipstick was blended all over the lips grazing just over the lip line for a fuller lip look. To contour the lips, a bright pink lip tint was applied in the center and blended out. Finally, the lip look was topped off with a high-shine gloss that left the lips looking healthy and plump. WINTER’s signature neatly-styled bob and wispy bangs framed this iconic makeup look to perfection.

Get The Look 

The glossy lip is an effortless, easy-to-recreate style that you can explore with the help of different products. As shiny pouts continue to trend with prominent celebrities displaying their own takes on the look, here are a handful of EnVi-approved products to achieve the perfect glazed lips. 

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