Happy Halloween, EnVi readers! This year, the EnVi Advertising Team compiled a list of Halloween-themed K-pop fan-made merchandise for you to enjoy. Get your shopping carts ready and let’s fill them up–not with candy, but with K-pop merchandise!

SHINee “Married to the Music” Pins

Get into the Halloween spirit with pins inspired by SHINee’s “Married to the Music.” The spinning pin from 5HINeeByTori recreates one of Key’s looks from the iconic horror-themed music video

Based in Norway, 5HINeeByTori makes a variety of SHINee-themed pins and jewelry, shipping worldwide. The hand-made pin is available for pre-order now. 

5HINeeByTori SHINee KEY - Married To The Music spinning pin

SHINee Key “Married To The Music” pin, courtesy of 5HINeeByTori

ATEEZ Spooky Halloween Charms, Stickers, and Tape

Spread the spooky spirit with adorable ATEEZ Acrylic Keychain Charms, Stickers, and Washi Tape from Purpurnight. The Spain-based store features designs by a fine arts student and delivers internationally. Shipping ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks, depending on the location. 

Purpurnight ATEEZ Spooky Keychains

ATEEZ Spooky Keychains, courtesy of Purpurnight

Purpurnight ATEEZ Spooky Stickers

ATEEZ Spooky Stickers, courtesy of Purpurnight

Purpurnight ATEEZ Spooky Washi Tape

ATEEZ Spooky Washi Tape, courtesy of Purpurnight

Red Velvet Retro Psycho Shirt

Feel the Halloween vibe while wearing this shirt inspired by Red Velvet’s “Psycho.” With its retro duo tone art style, it evokes a similar feel to the grim but sophisticated vintage fashion outfits on the music video. This shirt by Yesulbang is only available for specific pre-order periods, so keep your eyes peeled on their social media accounts! Check out their other cool items on their Shopee account.

Red Velvet "Psycho" retro t-shirt.

Red Velvet "Psycho" retro t-shirt

Red Velvet “Psycho” retro T-shirt, courtesy of Yesulbang

Irene and Seulgi Monster Witchy Sticker Sheet & Charm

Celebrate with the Red Velvet duo with witchy stickers and charms. You can decorate and accessorize with these reimaginings of Irene and Seulgi’s “Monster,” sold by KMosCharmShop. Located in Michigan, USA, the Etsy store ships worldwide. 

KMosCharmShop Irene and Seulgi Monster witchy themed sticker sheet

KMosCharmShop Irene and Seulgi Monster witchy charm

Irene and Seulgi “Monster” witchy-themed sticker set and charm, courtesy of KMosCharmShop

EXO Obsession Mini-Prints and Stickers

If you’re looking for something supernatural, these EXO Obsession prints and stickers feature the X-EXO characters from the group’s “Obsessionmusic video. The hand-made glossy prints from the UK-based artist, Tayba Batool, are available for international shipping. 

TaybaBatoolsArt EXO obsession prints and stickers

EXO “Obsession” prints and stickers. Courtesy of TaybaBatooolsArt

NCT Halloween Goods

Couldn’t get enough of NCT’s Horror Nights? Mochi Land has got you with their NCT Halloween goods! This Mexico-based online shop released a collection consisting of a Puffy Neon Green Jacket, a personalized shirt, and a glow-in-the-dark cup. The design is inspired by El Día de Muertos, or also known as the day of the dead, a holiday originating from Mexican heritage and observed during November 1-2.

NCT puffy green hoodie jacket.

NCT glow in the dark cup

NCT personalized shirt

NCT puffy green hoodie jacket, glow-in-the-dark cup, and personalized shirt, courtesy of Mochiland

Did any of the Halloween K-pop merchandise we’ve shared catch your eye? Treat yourself and buy them now! If you’re looking for more fan-made merchandise to add to your cart, check out our recent feature here.

Thumbnail courtesy of Mal.