On August 2, NCT Dream’s Renjun and WayV’s Xiaojun joined forces to captivate fans with a new cover! The clip, published both on Weibo and YouTube featured the two vocalists performing an emotional rendition of Eric Chou’s “Unbreakable Love.” Each singer crooned a verse of their own, before blending their voices seamlessly in a series of runs and harmonies. Dressed in neutral tones and surrounded by greenery, Renjun and Xiaojun perfectly conveyed the feelings of a deep, never-ending love. 


Building Anticipation

The cover may not have come as a total surprise for some. Back in April, keen fans noticed Renjun singing a few lines of “Unbreakable Love” during an episode of NCT Dream’s 7llin’ in the DREAM series, and hoped he would perform a full version of the song someday. 

During a recent episode of Akdong Seoul, the radio show hosted by groupmate Chenle, it was also revealed that Renjun and Xiaojun were huge fans of the song! Seventeen’s Jun, who told the story, shared that the three of them often sing together whenever they meet. 


A Warm Reception

The release was well received, garnering over half a million views within hours and trending on multiple platforms, including Weibo and Bilibili. 

Both Renjun and Xiaojun took to SNS to express excitement at finally being able to share their cover with their fans, and asked for lots of support.

See what fans on Twitter have been saying about the cover!



After such a warm serenade, fans are looking forward to hearing more from Renjun and Xiaojun soon.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.