The release of NCT Dream’s album marked not only significant musical feats but also showcased a new side of the Dream members. The four sets of outfits featured in the music video gifted fans with fresh looks that made NCTzens’ hearts go wild! Here is a breakdown of the fashion concepts present in the “Hot Sauce” music video. 


Celine’s Crazy Jalapeño 

The Crazy Jalapeño concept corresponds to the first set of looks released as teasers. All the members donned outfits from Celine’s Spring 2021 Menswear collection “The Dancing Kid”. Jaemin, Renjun, and Jisung’s outfits were directly inspired by Celine’s runway and Mark posed in a runway fit complemented with unique accessories. While Chenle wore a black jersey sweatshirt adorned by a kilt over his jeans, as seen on the runway, Jeno and Haechan’s runway outfits were improvised by adding t-shirts from Celine and Bianca Chandon respectively. 

This Celine collection, according to Vogue, was “a celebration of an unputdownable generation that has forged its own mass youth movement and overnight stars.” The designer for the brand, Hedi Slimane, told Vogue that he was inspired by “E boys and current skate culture”, as well as his photographic series ‘Portrait of a Teen Idol’. There is no doubt that the aptly titled collection impeccably suits the young and dynamic nature of NCT Dream and their lore. 


The Eclectic Mix of Chilling Jalapeños

The styling showcased during the first chorus of Hot Sauce’s music video is just as diverse and eclectic as the musical influences in NCT Dream’s title track. Mark, Jisung, and Chenle wore looks from Palm Angels’ Fall 2020 RTW collection. From suits with fringes and landscape printed jackets, this collection embodied a playful mashup, proper of NCT Dream’s spirit. Meanwhile, Jaemin wore a jacquard suit printed with butterfly motifs by Amiri and Renjun combined pieces from the same brand and Loewe. Following the same style inspiration, Haechan sported a pair of Palm Angels paint-splattered pants and a custom-made jacket from the Korean brand, Nine One Two. Jeno stood out in an embroidered Isabel Marant top and layered chain and beaded necklaces that hinted at a boho charm. 

In the teaser pictures, these suede jackets, fringes, and oversized prints and patterns teamed up for a concept that seemed to be fitting of a —very fashionable— coming-of-age story, but on the music video, the same looks —with minor changes— suited flawlessly the summer holiday aesthetics. The earth-tone palette with a few pops of color contrasted perfectly with the eye-catching scenery of NCT Dream’s Taquería.


Rider Boys = Hot! Hot! Hot!


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NCT Dream surprised fans with a new zealous look, reminiscent of race car drivers and biker boys. Elements of leather, red, and grunge highlighted this set of outfits. Jaemin stunned fans in a Martine Rose skinny trousers along with a fitted Marine Serre t-shirt. Haechan too donned Martine Rose in the form of a t-shirt and belt from the current season. Along with the belt, his look was accessorized by a pearl necklace and black jeans with motifs. Martine Rose’s Spring 2021 collection had soccer references which were reflected on many pieces including the metal badges on Haechan’s belt. Renjun wore a Marine Serre T-shirt paired with a motorbike jacket. Renjun, Haechan, and Jaemin all wore Rick Owens shoes.

Jisung sported looks from MISBHV, a Polish brand that exhibits youthful energy. Mark, who looked like a blue-eyed Adonis, sported a checkered t-shirt along with a leather jacket embellished with flame motifs. The jacket was accompanied by shoes in the matching print by Revenge X Storm.

The multiple checker print references in various outfits was probably a nod back to the overarching theme of race car drivers and bikers. The checkered print is often plastered over flags in races, signifying the end of a race. Chenle’s jersey by Liberal Youth Ministry with a checkered pattern along with the words “fake news” printed over it. Youth, races, and rebellion seem like the dominating themes for this set of outfits.


Cmmn Hot Sauce

The last set of teasers released on May 8, showed the members of NCT Dream wearing mixed looks straight from CMMN SWDN’s S/S 2021. The latest collection of the Swedish brand founded by Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund, was inspired by the crafts and traditions of Beddingestrand. According to the designer duo, they included rustic references that represented wheat as a symbol of spring and new beginnings. 

However, while some critics described the collection as “quite homey in look and feel”, NCT Dream managed to turn their fits into festive-looking summer ensembles by adding accessories like beaded necklaces and bracelets reminiscent of African and Caribbean traditional jewelry. Given the Latin and Afrobeat-inspired sounds of “Hot Sauce,” the styling seemed to fit right in with a colorful palette and a variety of textures ranging from linen and knits to leather. 

As these concepts marked the start of a new era for NCT Dream, it also hinted at the future of their sartorial trajectory. Experimentation in high fashion is a relatively new concept in Dream’s portfolio so we cannot wait to see the members’ fashion evolution through new comebacks!

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