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When it comes to love, there’s never been a shortage of the topic throughout the media. Countless songs, books, and movies have been written and dedicated to love, yet it’s still the most inexplicable part of our lives. Luckily, singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios and Korean entertainer Eric Nam have managed to capture the essence of falling in love with a destined stranger in their latest single “Have We Met Before?”


Yes, They Have Met Before

Sarah and Eric have teamed up for their newest duet “Have We Met Before?” where the singers “embody a romance that transcends all time,” according to the song’s press release. Although this pairing may not be a familiar one to most listeners, the two have definitely met (and collaborated) before. Eric is most known among K-pop fans for his music and TV personality image, while Sarah is a relatively new artist on the scene but has some solid songwriting credits under her belt.

Before her duet with Eric, Sarah’s work includes writing for artists like Why Don’t We, Rita Ora, Andy Grammar, and many others. She even co-wrote Eric’s 2018 Korean single, “Miss You” and its English counterpart, “I Don’t Miss You.” Since their musical partnership has worked so well in writing, it’s only safe to assume that their vocal collaboration would be equally as fascinating.


A Story of Star-Crossed Lovers

From start to finish, the track is laced with a lush piano guiding the duo’s vocals through two-and-a-half minutes of soul-baring, lovesick bliss. It’s the kind of ballad you could easily hear in a romantic drama: imagine The Fault In Our Stars or Endings, Beginnings, for example. It sets the tone of two lead characters finding themselves in the same place over and over again until it becomes much more than just a coincidence and too apparent to ignore.

The imagery of the opening lines says it all: “You sat down right at the corner of my table, I don’t know what it is, but I swear I’m feeling deja vu.” The lyrics play with the idea of having met a potential lover in a past life and every time you see them, it ignites this strong connection without needing words. Maybe it’s that mysterious guy you’ve seen at the bar every weekend or the girl who sits in the park at noon, engrossed in a fantasy novel.

“I really wanted to capture the idea of two people being so meant for each other that in every lifetime, in every universe, or alternate reality, they seem to always find one another and fall in love,” Sarah said. The way she approaches songwriting is similar to the way she’d write a novel—it’s emotionally driven and focuses on its main characters. After hearing this song, it’s clear how the story unfolds.


A Matchmade In Paradise

Vocally, with the beautiful airiness of Sarah’s voice mixed with Eric’s velvety texture, the listener will be swept away on a romantic journey in their mind. Even if you’ve never been in love, the two artists evoke a sense of longing and comfort that comes with finding true love. It’s the type of song that makes you want to feel vulnerable and experience those emotions.

“In a time and age where it feels as if we come across so much unfortunate news, I hope this song leaves listeners optimistic about connecting with new people,” Eric said. Rest assured that no heart will be left untouched or unfazed after hearing this dreamy new collaboration.

“Have We Met Before?” is now available on all streaming platforms.


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