CL showed crowds who the alpha is during her performance on the first day of Head in the Clouds on November 6. 

In the pre-performance footage, CL is practicing her last-minute worries away, showing the unfiltered human that even the most well-versed artists possess. The crowd was calm, yet still eager to experience the performance that was seconds away from commencing.

Trumpets announced the arrival of royalty as the audio stated “CL is the Alpha.” The moment CL stepped foot onto the stage, darkness was immediately met with illumination from the queen’s presence. 

Armored with funky sunglasses, black gloves, a black padded jacket over a black shimmering bodysuit, almost invisible black pantyhose, and black combat boots, CL showcased a sultry appearance , with an impact no one was ready for. Her makeup was based on her signature bold eyeliner and lipstick.

She is the Alpha

The “Alpha” did not hesitate in bringing in all her charisma in the first few minutes of her set. CL started with one of her iconic bangers, “Dirty Vibe,” which then fluidly transitioned into “The Baddest Female.” Throughout the melody, the female solo artist proved her talent by demonstrating how to handle an audience as they screamed their lungs out.

Doctor Pepper” was next up on the setlist. Eluding her authoritative glare, CL showed everyone who’s boss. Her stage presence is the product of multiple years of blood, sweat, and tears, none of which went in vain as she became an iconic moment engraved into the minds of thousands of audience members both online and in person.

The vibe did not stop there as “Lifted” made its appearance on the night’s setlist. The song allowed CL to connect with fans through the energy of the song. Then the hype was brought back right away though with “+POST UP+.”

Queen of Stage Presence

MTBD” was a stage full of charisma, featuring headbangers, on-the-floor vocals, and a stage presence unlike any other. 

The stage was not filled with many statements, yet CL’s love towards GZBs, her fandom, did not go unsaid. After her opening performance, her first words were, “I missed you.” And with that, the crowd knew they were loved and cheered louder over the three simple words.

CL didn’t stop there, she continued, “It feels amazing to be back on stage, connecting with you guys…face to face… I feel grateful for creating this amazing magical energy with you guys.” Although the live crowd was filled with thousands, a “I love you” could be clearly heard through the noise in response. 

CL continued her emotional streak by belting out “Done” and is given a bouquet of red roses mid-way through the song. In an introduction to her next song, CL says “It’s five stars every time when I’m with my GZBs,” a cue for the music to transition to “+5 Star+.

And Then There were Blueberries

In a sudden turn of events, DPR IAN and DPR LIVE joined CL for a live version of DPR IAN’s “No Blueberries.” Fans screeched in excitement as they watched the three artists’ chemistry on the stage in what is their first live rendition of the song.

After dismissing DPR, CL mixed heartbreak with fun through one of her latest tracks, “Lover Like me.” However, in true CL fashion, she followed emotional heartbreak with a hyped performance of “Tie a Cherry.” 

The Spiciest Lady

 Just when fans thought they wouldn’t get more surprises, they were taken on a ride through memory lane when CL starts singing “Let It,” a song that was originally written for 2NE1. Then quickly switching to her sultry persona, CL started “SPICY.”

As the female icon she is, CL opens up “SPICY” with, “all my spicy ladies scream.” “SPICY” is one of the singles from her latest album ALPHA. After putting the stage on fire with “SPICY,” CL keeps all eyes on her with “+H₩a+.

CL introduced her next song as the second to last, and once everyone heard G-Dragon’s voice over the audio system it was evident that the song was “₩1,000,000.” The best was saved for last–“Hello Bitches” was the final song on the setlist. CL gave it her all in this last performance of the night, and elegantly ended her set with a bow and kiss.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Miranda McDonald/88rising.