SEVENTEEN is back with their newest title track “Rock with you” from their 9th mini album titled “Attacca.” Released October 22 at 1pm KST, “Rock with you” is a pop punk track with a sleek synth, paired with piercing and raspy vocals. The polished track talks about the unwavering love for someone that you’re willing to do anything for.  

The music video has a similar feeling to SEVENTEEN’s previous MV for hitorijanai and Happy Ending. “Rock with you” opens immediately to Joshua sitting on a traffic light, then pans to Jun in a parking garage carrying balloons with “Attacca” on them. It also gives solo scenes for members Jeonghan, Hoshi, and Wonwoo. Their impressive choreography is shown throughout, with constant scenes showcasing their skills.

Fan Reactions

Carats couldn’t stop themselves from praising the MV and enthusiastically mentioning their favorite parts.

Attacked by Visuals

Carats were in awe of the member’s visuals throughout the MV.


The music video has amassed over 12 million views and is the most viewed music video by a K-pop artist of the day.

Before SEVENTEEN released “Rock with you” Carats were given a lot of content to hype up the comeback with a concept trailer and highlight medley. They performed “Rock with you” on MTV Fresh Out Live and will be promoting the title track on various music shows as well.

Interested in hearing the rest of the album? Listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Pledis Entertainment.