It is no secret that SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is a massive fan of British singer-songwriter Charli XCX, which is why their recent interactions on social media have fans in a frenzy. While this is not the first time Charli XCX has interacted with the 13-member group over social media, this time, she means business.

The Start Of It All

Following the release of “Beg For You,” the singer’s latest collaboration with Japanese-British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama, Charli XCX went to Twitter to ask fans who she should work with for remixes on the single.

Within minutes CARATs, SEVENTEEN’s fans, were responding to her with Vernon’s name and tagging the group’s Twitter account. Some fans even supplied evidence of the rapper’s dedication as her fan.

The overwhelming support for Vernon to be able to work with one of his favorite artists made an impact. The following day, Charli XCX went back to Twitter, inquiring how to reach him. Jumping on the opportunity, she asked if he would be interested in collaborating.

Despite being an absolute superstar himself, Vernon was thrilled to receive the request from Charli XCX. Of course, he agreed to the collaboration right away. Some fans were endeared by Vernon’s reply, as his tweet showed just how excited he was.

Mutual Excitement

On February 18, which is Vernon’s birthday, Charli XCX made a TikTok teasing the collaboration. In the video, she appeared in front of a green screen featuring their Twitter interaction, happily pointing and dancing. In addition, she used “Beg For You,” as the sound for the video with the caption, “soon..,” hinting that listeners can expect their collab on the track sometime soon.

We’re All Fans Here

After these cute interactions between Vernon and Charli XCX, one thing is clear, and it is that they are both each other’s biggest fans. From one happy interaction to another, the excitement is contagious as CARATs share their love for Vernon getting to live his dream.

Patiently Waiting

Now that the anticipation has built up around this collaboration, all fans can do now is wait and hope that it will be released soon, just as Charli XCX stated. In the meantime, Charli XCX’s music video for “Beg For You,” featuring Rina Sawayama, is out now on YouTube. The track is already a hit, and it will be exciting to see how Vernon will add his style to it.

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