By Team EnVi


It barely feels like EXO has already been together for nine years. They’ve won together, lost together, and continue to be there for each other through all the rollercoasters and uncertainty of living life in the spotlight. They are brothers for life and have shown it more times than we can count. To commemorate their time together, Team EnVi put together a list of our favorite EXO songs that best represent each member and the qualities that make them special. From Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s delightful energy to Suho’s incredible leadership skills and his kind heart, everything about EXO makes them one of a kind and the industry is so lucky to have them.



  • Suho – “Let’s Love”: With his first EP, Suho talked about his bond with the EXO members and EXO-L, as well as his own interests and experience as a leader in the lyrics. Self-Portrait is a very personal album, and you can feel how much love Suho put into every track.
  • EXO – “Oasis”: His vocals stand the most in the “Oasis” performance, it’s an ideal song for the light and somehow magical tone of his voice. Both he and the song transport listeners to places unreachable otherwise.

  • The Man Who Laughs: His lead role in The Man Who Laughs shocked both the K-pop and the theatrical world. His powerful vocals and passionate acting reassured his potential as a soloist and a performer as a whole.



  • EXO – “Lucky: Lucky expresses both Baekhyun’s joyful charisma and his immense love for EXO-Ls.
  • EXO – “Unfair”: Throughout this playful stage, Baekhyun is caught in all sorts of shenanigans with his members. Yet, the true performer never missed a note.
  • BAEKHYUN – “Bambi: His most recent album demonstrates how much he has grown as an artist and person throughout his career, showcasing a more mature and seductive side to him.



  • EXO-CBX – “Ka-CHING”: Any time Chen has performed alongside Baekhyun and Xiumin in their first subunit, it’s an instant party for everyone. But with “Ka-CHING” in particular, it’s easy to tell that he enjoys the silliness and joy that comes with singing with his best friends as an official trio.
  • EXO – “She’s Dreaming”: In one night he wrote the lyrics that perfectly convey the comforting and romantic tones of his voice.

  • EXO-CBX – “Watch Out”: Chen is known for his soothing ballads, but his solo performance in “Watch Out” shows a whole new side to his talent.



  • EXO – “24/7”: Xiumin is called EXO’s fairy for a reason, and “24/7” perfectly fits his enchanting and delicate vibes
  • Beatburger Project x Xiumin – “Beyond”: The “Beyond” performance is meant to remind the world how complete Xiumin is as a performer: all dancing, singing, and rapping abilities.
  • XIUMIN ft. MARK – “Young & Free”: This song reminds us that, even though Xiumin is now entering his 30s, he’s still filled with youth and cheerfulness.



  • EXO – “Power”: Playful and full of energy, just like EXO’s ‘happy virus.’ 

  • EXO – “Wait”: We’re all familiar with Chanyeol’s strong raps, but “Wait” brings out a side of his voice we don’t get to hear as often. It showcases both his underrated talent for singing and his abilities with the guitar.
  • EXO – “Playboy”: It’s clear Chanyeol and Chen were enjoying their “Playboy” team-up a little too much with the amount of sexiness that oozed from both of them. This is a danger-zone friendship.



  • EXO – “Jekyll”: This song matches Kai’s mysterious and sensual charisma on stage, it’s delicate yet powerful.
  • Kai “Love Shot” Intro SBS (solo): Kai is a born performer. His stage presence and control over his moves and expressions make him shine on any stage. The confidence he radiates while performing is effortlessly attractive.   

  • Kai – “Reason”: Kai is undoubtedly an explosive performer, but this song showcases a different side of him. He exudes laidback, relaxed, and confident energy during this stage for the SMTOWN Live performance. This song is subdued and mature, and he showcased that in his performance.



  • LAY – “‘莲 (Lit)”: Both the song and the music video are amazing and show how much hard work Lay puts into his projects. He was a director, producer, leading actor, composer, lyricist, and choreographer! 
  • LAY – “What U Need”: Even though he has built himself as a powerful soloist over the years, there’s a charming and playful side to him that we can’t forget. “What U Need” was one of his first projects for a now extensive and successful solo career that hopefully keeps growing.
  • EXO – “Promise”: Even if he’s been far from EXO for a while, he constantly reminds us that he will always be part of the EXO family. “Promise,” whose lyrics he contributed to writing, represents that unbreakable union he has with both the fans and members.



  • EXO – “Ooh La La La”: D.O’s elegant charisma and smooth voice stand out the most in “Ooh La La La’s” performance.
  • EXO – “What Is Love”: D.O has been serving out-of-this-world vocals before he even debuted. Together with Baekhyun, they both demonstrate that EXO’s vocalists can’t be topped.
  • D.O. – “That’s okay”: Before enlisting, D.O. left fans with this heartfelt song. With his captivating vocals, many idols came to adore the song as well. 



  • EXO SC – “On Me”: Sehun’s energy in his solo track from 1 Billion Views is amazing, he is in his element, his dance is powerful, and he is feeling himself. He even had Vivi in the video! 
  • EXO – “Artificial Love”: Sehun shines in this performance. He looks confident and focused, and his energy stands out. The use of props is excellent as well.
  • EXO – “Lotto”: Everything about this is phenomenal. He looks like a million dollars and sells the concept. He is fully invested and makes sure everyone knows it!

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