Stray Kids Announces Second World Tour

By: Vanessa Arias
stray kids tour
Photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment.

Only three months into the year and Stray Kids has been nothing short of busy. Earlier this month, the group released a track video for “Venom” ahead of the release of their upcoming album, Oddinary. The mini-album is set to release on March 18 and will be their first album since joining Republic Records. It will be sold in stores across the United States. This week Stray Kids dropped more exciting news. On March 6, the eight-member JYP Entertainment boy group released their first set of tour dates for their second world tour, MANIAC.

A Highly Anticipated Announcement

The tour was first teased during “STEP OUT 2022.” Stray Kids detailed their itinerary for the upcoming year in the video. Fans were more than thrilled to see that a tour was on the agenda, and were eagerly waiting for the announcement as it has been more than three years since their last world tour. 

The tour is named after the title track of their upcoming mini-album, Oddinary. MANIAC will begin with two shows in Seoul, Korea. After Seoul, the boys will hit Japan for four days in Kobe and Tokyo. Then, Stray Kids will fly to the United States at the beginning of July with a series of stops spanning across two weeks. They will then return to Tokyo at the end of the month. 

The tour poster says that more dates will be added. The date of when tickets go on sale has yet to be released, but more details are soon to come.

Fan Reactions

When the tour was finally announced, STAY, their fanbase, took to Twitter to share their excitement, anticipation of ticket sales, and more!

Excitement For The Tour

After the announcement, STAY are eager to see their boys again. Stray Kids gave fans a taste of what’s to come for future performances with their successful two day fan meeting, SKZ’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY. STAY can expect only the best! 

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