On February 9, eight-membered K-pop boy group, Stray Kids released a vlog of their latest overseas visit. Fans were not expecting there to be content of the boys working out at the gym in the video and were ecstatic to see it.

A Gift for STAY

It’s no shock for STAY, the group’s fandom, that the boys consistently work out. The leader, Bang Chan, and main rapper, Changbin, are known to be the gym rats of the group. Three years ago, the group dropped an SKZ-TALKER GO! vlog from when they traveled to Jakarta. Included in this vlog were scenes of Bang Chan working out at the gym. Since then, fans have been begging for more gym content from the boys.

Changbin blessed fans with more clips of him at the gym in September 2021 during his solo vlog, and STAY ate it up.


Of course, the six-minute vlog wasn’t enough, and the fifty seconds showcasing the main rapper’s workout was even less. STAY had been asking for more gym content immediately after its release. When the vlog dropped, the title and thumbnail didn’t reveal the surprise it had in store. STAY was gifted yet again with more clips of Bang Chan, Changbin, Han, and Felix at the gym. Watch the full two and a half minutes of the gym portion of the vlog here.

Needless to say, STAY took to Twitter to share their excitement.


Although the entire vlog wasn’t just gym content, it satiated the need for STAY to see their boys at the gym until the next one. 

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