Stray Kids’ subunit DANCE RACHA is in the spotlight for the month of February. The subunit, consisting of members Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix, showcase stunning visuals as they model for multiple magazines. To fans, these features mark the beginning of Stray Kids’ 2022 takeover.

Lee Know for Beauty+

Lee Know, a current MC for MBC’s Show! Music Core, is the cover star for Beauty+ Magazine’s issue for February. He modeled for two versions of the cover, showcasing his cool yet cute visuals. Along with the pictorial, Beauty+ plans to release a special video closer to the magazine’s release date. Stray Kids’ fandom, STAYs, were more than excited to celebrate Lee Know’s solo cover debut.

Hyunjin for DAZED Korea

DAZED Korea has invited Hyunjin back for a solo pictorial for their February 2022 issue. Hyunjin has previously appeared in DAZED in 2018, and again in 2019, along with the rest of Stray Kids. The editorial, titled “THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY,” tells a story with Hyunjin as the main character. Hyunjin exhibits other-worldly visuals as he models eye-catching looks. The pictorial will showcase Hyunjin’s unique charms that fans have never seen before.

Felix for Singles 

Felix showcases ethereal visuals for the February issue of Singles Magazine. The multi-talented member doesn’t stray from solo pictorials. In August 2021, he appeared in his first solo shoot with GQ Korea. This year is no different, he flaunts his modeling skills with simple yet effective styling. Along with an interview, Singles will be uploading photos that were not included in the printed issue. Felix uploaded many B cuts for fans to enjoy as they eagerly await the magazine’s release.

Past Work

The Stray Kids members are no stranger to magazine features. Previously, Felix was the cover star of @Star 1 Magazine’s November 2021 issue. Hyunjin and Lee Know have had their fair share of features as well, including Marie Claire and Arena Korea, respectively. The DANCE RACHA subunit has modeled together in the past, promoting shoes by luxury brand ETRO. Stray Kids as a whole have an extensive list of magazine features they’ve had since debut, including Nylon Korea and Vogue Korea. Currently, they’re the brand ambassadors for skin-care brand NACIFIC.

“Dance Racha’s Month”

STAYs couldn’t hold their excitement as each magazine revealed the Stray Kids’ features.

What’s Coming Up

2022 will be a busy year for Stray Kids. On December 31, 2021, they uploaded a video announcing “STEP OUT 2022.” “STEP OUT 2022” is a series of events that Stray Kids have prepared this year. Fans can anticipate an in-person fan meeting, two albums, a world tour, and much more.

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