Based in New York and New Jersey, the I Love Dance crew has been showing off their choreography skills on stage, in the streets, and over the Internet. Amassing over 40 million views is no easy feat, but to do so, I Love Dance accounts for every detail, complete with their costume design. Covering a range of K-pop groups, the crew seemingly has an outfit for every song. Even on camera, it is easy to see the pieces complement the dancers’ movement and the song’s aura. Director MJ Choi has been doing this ever since she founded the company in 2006. With years of experience under her belt, she gave EnVi the inside scoop on the creative process behind styling dancers. 


EnVi: How did you get involved in K-pop dance covers?

Happened to enter the YG “I Am The Best” dance cover contest in 2011, and won first runner up, which helped me discover my passion for video production.


EnVi: How do you shape your vision when designing costumes for covers?

Pay attention to music videos and TV shows to keep up with fashion concepts.


EnVi: What is your favorite fashion moment in K-pop?

When 2NE1 first came out, I thought it was very sensational. I instantly fell in love with the colorful, flashy, charismatic girl’s hip hop look.


EnVi: How do you decide whether to create a replica or put your own twist on things?

I usually tried to follow the original concepts. However, I sometimes put my own twist because I understand that everyone has different looks and body types. We are all charming in our own way. I think that it’s important to find the costumes that help to bring out my dancers’ individual beauty and charm while keeping the original concept of the K-pop artist.


EnVi: What do you prioritize when designing and why?

Color concept and style, because it can bring out the characteristics of the music.


EnVi: What are your goals as a designer?

Being able to express the concept of the music and artist, even just by the costumes, and make my dancers look as stylish as possible.

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Thumbnail courtesy of I Love Dance