In the series “Style Profile,” celebrities exclusively share details of their fashion and beauty with EnVi. In the first installment, the members of the K-pop group LAPILLUS offer a picture of their personal style, sartorial inspirations, and favorite trends.  

Although she is currently gaining steam as a member of the K-pop group LAPILLUS, Chantal Videla — known as Chanty onstage — is no stranger to the entertainment scene. Armed with irresistible charm and a myriad of talents, the Filipino-Argentinian multi-hyphenate kicked off her career as an actress in the Philippines. After earning recognition as a budding star in the Pinoy industry, Chanty took on another challenge. In 2022, she transitioned into music, making her debut as one-sixth of LAPILLUS. By now — with two singles out and group promotions that even took her to Latin America — Chanty has fully embraced the K-pop star role. And she’s nailing it from start to finish.

As part of our Style Profile series, Chanty exclusively talks to EnVi and dissects tidbits of her fashion and beauty. Read on to discover Chanty’s skincare secrets, what’s on her GRWM playlist, and how she’s channeling her Latin American and Filipino heritage through fashion. 

On Fashion: What Fashion Says About You

Chanty joins EnVi in a Zoom call in early spring. It’s a late night for her, but she looks immaculately put together with her hair gracefully falling down her shoulders and dressed in a black T-shirt. Although she opens up the interview by stating that she is in no way a fashion authority and doesn’t follow trends blindly, Chanty looks happy to hear that her preferred fashion combination — denim and white — is quite popular at that moment. 

However, instead of being influenced by what’s trendy or buzzy, Chanty’s style predilections stem from a place of self-awareness and authenticity. If we go by her own words, fashion is one of the best ways of presenting oneself to the world. And there’s probably no better choice than simple, clean-looking clothes to paint an accurate portrait of her down-to-earth, wholesome personality.

EnVi: Let’s talk about fashion. What is something you take into consideration when picking clothes? 

Chanty: Well, ever since I got into the show business, I got interested in fashion because I feel that whatever you wear is a very big impression you can give to people. It can say a lot about you. I always think about what type of energy, aura, or approach I want to have with my outfit. I feel that I always take hours every time I pick my clothes because of it. 

What about trends? Do you follow them, is there any trend you like now?

Honestly, every time there’s a new trend, I don’t really follow it right away. I don’t know, I feel like I always choose the type of trend that fits me. There are certain trends that everybody does but what if it’s not something that I believe in or that I think would suit me or the message I want to give? I don’t usually follow [trends] right away. Most of the time, I like to have this very pure and clean aura and style but if there would be a trend that fits my style then, I’d follow it, I’d do it.

That being said, what are some of your fashion essentials and the must-haves in your wardrobe?

I’ve always liked neat-looking, clean clothes. I’m not a fashion guru or anything. I’m not a very fashionista type of girl, so my go-to style would just be a normal pair of jeans with a top, and then accessories like a necklace or a ring to make it look a little bit more classy. You would always see me wear white though. I always like the denim-and-white-top type of look so even my members would say that if you look at my closet you would see more white-colored tops than any other color. I’m not the very colorful type when it comes to clothing.

You just mentioned accessories, what are your favorite type of accessories?

Well, I grew up with my mom always buying accessories and other stuff, so for me…. [she hesitates and wonders if it’s right to say this]. I’m always into gold [laughs]. My go-to accessory would be gold and stones — the sparkly ones.

On my earrings, I always wear flower shapes with white stones.  Right now these are a green type of stone and I have a purple stone in my ring [Chanty shows her perfectly manicured hand with a ring adorning her middle finger before moving to show her necklace]. I always wear a necklace that has stones, but this was my mom’s gift and has my name written on it, so this is what I’m wearing right now. I’m so into gold [accessories], the simple, small type. It looks simple, but it makes you look elegant and fancy. Unless there are bigger occasions, then I’ll gladly wear something that will pop out.


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On Style Inspirations: Mix and Match of Cultures

Although mastering countless talents appears to be the rule rather than the exception for K-pop stars, Chanty takes “multifaceted” to the next level. Singer, actress, model, and polyglot, the LAPILLUS vocalist flawlessly represents a new generation of all-rounders. With an equally diverse background and a burgeoning career that has crossed industries and frontiers, it is only expected that Chanty embraces her many sides to craft her style. As she explains, her fashion has found inspiration, among other things, in her mother, her multicultural heritage, and her experience living in different countries. 

You just mentioned your mother when talking about accessories. Has she influenced your style? 

Oh yes, big time! My mom is the type to wear something basic and I feel like I got that from her. Every time there’s a trend she would only copy or follow it if she feels [that] it matches her style. I got that attitude from her and I got that outlook when it comes to fashion. Even now, [when] wearing accessories, I never take this ring off because I feel naked without it; it’s to that extent. I can’t live without accessories or stuff like that [and that’s because] she made a big impact on my fashion. 

People look up to celebrities or at least feel like sometimes their style is influenced by other people. Is there anyone you look up to style-wise?

Yeah, there are a lot. There’s a Filipino fashionista that I know, plus here in Korea, there are a lot of sunbaenims that are really good in fashion. I’m someone who’s learning and I’m also someone that people are interested in — there are Lapis (fandom name) who always look at us — so I always want to look good in front of everyone. I take inspiration from other artists like my sunbaenims, Filipino stars, and even Latin American style. [For example] I bought some boots in Argentina last time [I was there] before coming to Korea. I’m actually wearing them right now ‘cause I like the style and it’s not something you can normally see here in Korea. I like it because it feels different and it makes me feel like I’m standing out because they have a different style.

What is something that sets Latin American style apart?

The thing that always stood out to me is the ragged look, you know the [items] like the borcegos and the boots, then you wear a leather jacket or something like that. The way Koreans dress and the way Latin Americans dress is so different and I like to mix and match. Latin America has a very sultry look, and here in Korea, [the fashion] looks more like a uniform: stylish, classy, elegant. 

You’ve lived in different countries. How has that changed the way you approach fashion?

As I said, fashion is a way to introduce yourself to people. It is a way to show people, “This is who I am.” The way you dress, and the way you show yourself in front of people says a lot about you. Rather than focusing on Korean fashion, Latin American fashion, or Filipino fashion, I like to get inspiration, little bits, from different cultures and mix it up because that’s me, that’s who I am. I’m half-Filipina and half-Argentinian. I’m a mix. I have a mixed nationality so I feel it’s a good way for me to show that I’m not just Filipino. I’m also Latin American, I’m also Argentinian and I’m here in Korea. I’m working in Korea so I wear Korean fashion too. 

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On Her Favorites: BLACKPINK’s Jennie, The Devil Wears Prada, and Thalía

While Chanty is comfortable speaking about everything and anything, when tackling lighter topics and what-ifs, she can’t stop gushing about the multifarious preferences she’s developed through her multicultural upbringing. In a free-flowing chat, she goes from revealing her latest fashion purchases to offering a glimpse at what’s in her “Getting Ready” playlist. In between, she’s also wowed with questions that have her thinking hard and breaking into impromptu singing.   

What’s the last fashion item you bought?

I think it would be my practice clothes because lately I’ve been wanting to take pictures every time I’m in the practice room, so I got more interested in buying good-looking, hip-hop-style clothes. I don’t see myself [wearing] hip-hop-looking styles, but because I have to wear comfortable clothes during practice and while dancing, I’m getting into really swag-looking clothes. That’s the latest product I bought. 

This is a question I ask in every interview. If you could live in a fictional world only because of its fashion, what world would you choose?

[After marveling at the question and pausing to think about her answer] Oh, it could be a movie or anything, right? I would choose The Devil Wears Prada. I love that movie because of the fashion and everything. And if I were in a Korean movie [or drama] I would choose… Ah, it’s so difficult! I think I would choose Hotel de Luna. IU sunbaenim wore very cool clothes there, so I would choose that drama. 

If you could have the clothes, the wardrobe of any star just for one day, who would that be?

Oh my god, this is so difficult though, there are so many. I would pick… oh my gosh, I think it would be BLACKPINK’s Jennie sunbaenim’s wardrobe. She’s very stylish. I’m also curious about Thalía’s wardrobe. 

Thalía has had such a long-standing career that I imagine her wardrobe must have everything.

She must have everything! For some reason, she just came into my mind and I’m so curious about her wardrobe because when you see her on stage she has really peculiar-looking outfits, and I feel that says a lot about her. I want to get into her wardrobe and see, I feel like I would get to know more about her. 

Speaking of Thalia, what are some songs you listen to while getting ready? Do you listen to Latin music? 

For Latin American music I do listen to Thalia’s songs. If it’s a very happy song, I’d pick “Arrasando” or if I want to have a sad vibe, if it’s a rainy day, I would choose “No Me Enseñaste,” [sings her own rendition of the song]. But I also listen to Marcela Morelo’s music. I’ve been also interested in Camilo and Sebastian Yatra’s songs. And even Rosalía because Shana has been listening to Rosalía a lot, so I know a little bit about her songs as well. But lately, I’ve also been into very chill songs, something that would just relax you. I pick songs that have really good lyrics because it makes me feel inspired the whole day. 




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On Beauty And Fragrances: Minimalism and Cherishing Moments

Just like her fashion, Chanty’s take on beauty and fragrance revolves around the basics, favoring uncomplicated steps and elemental products. For Chanty, the focus of her beauty routine is achieving healthy skin. “I don’t have to be too white or too tanned or anything like that. Rather than caring about skin tone, I care about having glowing skin,” she says. Chanty also shares that despite having a sensitive nose, she has found ways of wearing fragrances by opting for lighter scents. 

What’s your beauty routine like?

I’m so into skincare. I always want to have really good, healthy skin. I like to learn what type of skincare suits my skin type because I’m more on the sensitive [skin] side. Every time I put on something extra harsh or with scents, it irritates my skin a lot, especially because I wear makeup almost every day. So for me, I just wash my face with facial wash, a normal one, without any whitening or any harsh products, just a face wash for sensitive skin, and then I would apply a soothing toner and then I use moisturizer. At night I also apply a night cream for my face, it’s a gel type and every time I wake up in the morning it makes my skin feel so refreshed — that’s what I like the most about it. In the morning, I use moisturizer and sunscreen and that’s it. I don’t put anything else [laughs].

What about fragrances? Do you wear perfumes often?

I like wearing colognes that are pretty light-scented. You know how much confidence it gives you when you walk past someone and then there’s like a smell lingering? I like that. I usually go for fruity scented perfumes or if I’d pick very good scented perfume, the only one I have is Dior’s Poison. My mom introduced me to that perfume and it’s really, good. I have been taking care of it [for a while]. I’ve had it for years and didn’t finish the bottle. I only wear it on special occasions, and it’d be just one or two sprays, like a reminder of, “This is a very special day and I must wear perfume.” I love it. I also like to mix the perfumes because that makes a new scent and it means only I have that scent. 

Lastly, what is a style tip you’d like to give to your fans?

To just be confident in their own style. Whatever you wear, it doesn’t have to be because someone else approves of it, it should be because you do and because you like it and you’re confident in it. So don’t think about what other people say about your style. Following a trend is good and fun, but if you feel it’s ruining your self-esteem, then don’t! 

Spontaneous, candid, and true to her roots, Chanty is fully committed to championing authenticity and embracing her roots fearlessly. Attentive interlocutor, K-drama enthusiast, Latin music enjoyer, and dexterous performer, Chanty and her many facets appear endless. Yet, she’s not someone to be pigeonholed into categories. Chanty is just herself, with her many life experiences, stacked resumé, and melding origins. And she wants people to know that style-wise and otherwise, that’s the power within each of us: “Your style is yours and you’re the only one in the world, no one can be you, so just be yourself.” 

LAPILLUS’ Get Ready With Me Playlist

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