K-pop idols are known for wearing elaborate, jaw-dropping outfits—that inspire both domestic and international trends—in their music videos and performances. But even off-stage, the multitalented singers, rappers, and dancers flaunt enviable style. From brand-sponsored ensembles at airports to casual outfits for vlogs and variety shows, idols are always on their A-game. Dance practices are no exception, from individual members expressing their unique styles to color-coordinated group outfits, dance practice looks often become the inspiration for fans’ day-to-day fits. EnVi rounded up some dance practice staples for your next online shopping venture.

Caps, Beanies, and (Bucket) Hats, Oh My!

Whether you’re having a full-blown bad hair day or just want to radiate mysterious vibes, a hat is your new best friend. Many dance practice videos feature idols wearing casual clothing and covering their hair with either a bucket hat, cap, or beanie. The style of headwear that you choose can complete the mood of your outfit, whether your goal is to emulate sporty chic or the American 90s hip hop scene. Plus, you can look cool without giving up comfort or worrying about your hair going out of place as you move around.

All Cropped Everything…

Complex choreography and constant rehearsals call for athletic attire. But workout gear isn’t always the most stylish, so K-pop stars find ways to dress up their practical clothing pieces. Lately, one popular combination for girl group idols and female soloists has been that of a bolero sweater or cropped cardigan over a sports bra or crop top. The ensemble is simple, but lends itself to an effortlessly cool image. Alternatively, classic cropped tops and hoodies will always be a closet staple — regardless of the many microtrends that may come and go, these bold pieces can fit any aesthetic.

…or Head to Toe Oversized 

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the idol outfits that consist of oversized shirts and loose-fitting pants. Both boy group and girl group idols have sported this type of look before, and it is an evergreen combination. Simple, comfortable, and non-restricting clothing items maximize mobility in a way that performance outfits never could, all while presenting a clean, charismatic image, so it’s no wonder this is a common choice for idols. For these outfits, a plain or graphic tee is typically combined with either sweatpants, baggy jeans, or cargo pants.

You Better Put Your Sneakers On

There are no better shoes for physical activity than sneakers — it’s literally their purpose. While some idols perform in heels or platform boots, most dance practice videos show them wearing a range of comfortable shoes. Whether you want to replicate their dance practice looks for actual dancing or simply for fashion, the perfect pair of shoes can complete any outfit. Nike Dunks are effortlessly cool and especially trendy this year, with their unmistakable silhouette and various color combinations making them a versatile style pick. On the other hand, Old Skool Vans or Converse Chuck Taylors are both evergreen classics that suit any look.

From modest to bold and monochromatic to colorful, K-pop idols constantly find new ways to express their personal styles through off-stage content. With so many possibilities for outfit combinations, it’s impossible to fit everything into one short list — we’ve just rounded up some essentials for you to incorporate into your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to mix and match across categories too. Though it’s completely acceptable to pair shorts and a crop top or an oversized tee with sweatpants, it’s also very common to wear a shorter top with baggy pants or a loose shirt with cuffed denim shorts. 

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