In the series “Style Profile,” celebrities exclusively share details of their fashion and beauty with EnVi. For the first installment, the members of the K-pop group LAPILLUS offer a picture of their personal style, sartorial inspirations and favorite trends. 

Haeun, the youngest of LAPILLUS’ six members, debuted at only 13 years old. From music video styling to coordinated dance practice outfits, the idol has been exposed to a variety of outlets for self-expression at a time when establishing your own identity is a priority. Now, almost a year since LAPILLUS’ debut, Haeun is confident when it comes to her personal style. In this installment of the EnVi-exclusive Style Profile series, she discusses LAPILLUS’ aesthetics, her admiration for BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and what’s in her bag.

On Personal Style: Key Point Blue

On stage, Haeun’s look is kick-in-the-door fearless. But when she’s not embracing LAPILLUS’ girl crush concept, the 14-year-old singer’s style is casual, practical, and youthfully hip. For this interview, she pops onto the Zoom screen wearing a cerulean sweater with a shirt collar neatly folded over the neckline. Fittingly, she describes different shades of blue as the ideal color addition to enhance her looks.

EnVi: How would you describe your personal style?

Haeun: I usually like wearing something simple and neutral for my outfits and then adding a pop of color with a hat or shoes. 

What kind of colors do you use to add that pop of color?

Probably blue or sky blue. 

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On Style Inspirations: BLACKPINK’s Jennie, G-DRAGON, and H.O.T.

As a young K-pop fan herself, Haeun turns to industry icons for direction. Ranging from BLACKPINK’s Jennie to the first-generation K-pop group H.O.T., Haeun’s sources of inspiration cover trends past and present. Taking cues from what her idols are wearing, Haeun recreates their style with the pieces she owns.

How do you decide what to wear when you get dressed in the morning? 

Well, my biggest style inspiration is Jennie from BLACKPINK, so I’d usually watch her videos. Then, I’d style my clothes accordingly. 

Do you have any GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses then? 

I want to buy a pair soon! 

Do you have any style icons in addition to Jennie? 

I really like GD’s — G-DRAGON’s — fashion too! 

What do you like about Jennie and GD’s style? 

I like how effortless Jennie’s style is. If you look at her airport style, her clothes are low-key but cool too. And then with GD, I really like how he does his nails and the shoes he wears. It almost feels like art. 

Are there any K-pop fashion moments that stick out to you?

H.O.T.’s “CANDY” is pretty memorable for me. Like with their baggy pants, suspenders, gloves, and other accessories.

Do you have any other fashion inspirations? 

Ariana Grande. She’s just super trendy! 

On Trends: Engine Never Stop

LAPILLUS’ June 2022 release of “HIT YA!” inspired Haeun to dabble in Y2K fashion. The feminine outfits featured in the music video showcased a color scheme prominently present in Haeun’s favorite movie from that era. After all, pink in various shades, mini skirts, and cardigans — among other items, of course — were at the heart of Mean Girls (2004). In her own life, Haeun incorporates elements of early 2000s fashion into particular moments, like dancing to trendy songs with the LAPILLUS girls.

Is there a particular trend you’ve been wanting to try?

I really like the Y2K fashion that’s been trending. 

How do you incorporate Y2K fashion? 

I’ll wear some baggy blue jeans that are almost the color of waves. On top, I’ll wear something more form-fitting and with a cute graphic on it and pair it with some clear glasses. 

What’s been your favorite fashion era with the group so far? 

I think it was during “HIT YA.” I like Y2K fashion and during “HIT YA” we were able to wear a lot of pink, checkered print, and other preppy stuff that reminded me of the early 2000’s high school movies. 

Do you have a favorite early high school movie from the early 2000’s?

Yes! I like Mean Girls the most. 

Is there a particular kind of concept you’d like to try in the future?

We haven’t really been able to do a “cute” concept yet, so I think that would be fun. 

On Essentials: Haeun’s Must-Haves

When approaching both beauty and accessorizing, Haeun prefers to keep things simple. Posts uploaded outside of LAPILLUS’ promotions show that Haeun leans toward a minimalistic look. With light eyeliner and defined lashes, she accentuates beauty basics. On stage, her looks are upgraded with glittery eyeshadow, the occasional rhinestone accents, and darker mascara. One constant is the must-have lip product to complement any makeup look.

What are some fashion or beauty items you can’t live without? 

I can’t live without a lip color. Like imagine you do your entire face makeup but if you leave out your lips you can look sick or something. I think that’s why I like lip products the most.

What is your fashion essential? 

Oh! It’s the shoes I’m wearing right now. They’re these sky blue Air Jordans and that’s my favorite color. 

I know LAPILLUS is a Latin word for a jewel that has different colors. What is a beauty or fashion item that can lift you mood and give you some extra shine? 

Probably some jewelry. Necklaces, rings, and the like.

What is an item of clothing you’ve had in your closet that you don’t think you will be able to throw away? 

When I went to the Philippines, I got a butterfly necklace made out of cubic gems. Probably that. I can’t ever lose it! 

What is in your bag?

My glasses, lipstick, my school materials, and some pencils. 

What kind of glasses do you have?

They’re these clear square glasses. 

Do you have any fashion advice you could share with our readers? 

It’s nice to dress up sometimes, but I think it’s also nice to wear fairly low-key clothes and use a hat, shoes, or a bag to get that cool, effortless look.

Haeun’s outlook on fashion is constantly evolving around her experiences as an idol and changing trends across social media. With an appreciation for detail and an understanding of what works best for her, the young performer is developing a unique style identity. As LAPILLUS continues to grow, with Haeun and her bandmates delving into unexplored concepts, the world can surely anticipate more exciting style moments from the rising star. 

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