In the series “Style Profile,” celebrities exclusively share details of their fashion and beauty with EnVi. For the first installment, the members of the K-pop group LAPILLUS offer a picture of their personal style, sartorial inspirations and favorite trends. 

Jang Seowon — better known as Seowon — takes the rapper position in the K-pop group LAPILLUS. With the group’s progressive sound and spunky image, Seowon plays a big part in adding a touch of edginess to LAPILLUS’ charm. Unapologetically herself and acutely honest, Seowon doesn’t shy away from looking back at her childhood and admitting her penchant for cute, princess-like fashion. Chatting exclusively with EnVi for our Style Profile series, the rapper discusses her style philosophy, earliest fashion memories, and beauty must-haves.

On Fashion: Princess to the Core

Although she’s known to exude a strong and cool aura on stage, Seowon fondly describes her style as feminine and cute. This love for girly, feminine fashion has accompanied the rapper since her childhood. As she reveals, she knew from an early age that this particular style suited her best. Seowon also remarks that her strong sense of self has always prevented her from looking for style inspiration on other people.

EnVi: How would you describe your personal style?

Seowon: For me, ever since I was a child, I liked wearing pretty clothes and clothes that make me look pretty. I actually went to elementary school wearing princess dresses. Even now, I’m like that so I try to look for girly clothes.

Do you have any fashion memories from your childhood?

As I said when I wore dresses [to school]. I didn’t end it there. I had a really big ribbon clip on my head, so like when I went to school with those, teachers would call me “Big [hair]pin” so it became a nickname for me. And I also have friends, we were three in a group and we all had the same preferences so we were called the “Three Princesses.”

Since you said you like a feminine, girly, princess style, do you have a fashion role model?

I don’t copy people for fashion, I try to wear clothes that I know suit me best, what makes me look pretty. I just try to wear clothes that I like.

With so many interesting trends going around fashion right now, is there a trend that you like or want to try?

I like the princess[core] trend.

On the other hand, what’s a trend that you don’t like? 

Personally, I don’t like hip fashion, so styles that are too hip. 

What’s a fashion tip you want your fans to know?

I feel that each person knows what suits them the most. So [if] these are clothes that make you look pretty, you know [it] yourself. My tip, rather than copying other people´s style, [what’s important] is knowing what suits you and knowing your own style.

Photos courtesy of MLD Entertainment

On Must-Haves and Essentials: Jeans and Jeans

Despite the countless options to upgrade our closets, everybody has a go-to look they’re loyal to. Seowon, of course, is no exception. The LAPILLUS rapper recognizes the power of simplicity and easy-to-style combinations. Fittingly, jeans are high on her wishlist. After all, denim pants are probably one of the most versatile items. What is Seowon’s preferred denim type?

What is an outfit you can use every day?

If I have to wear the same outfit every day, simple is the best. So I guess [I’d go for] jeans and a simple white top.

What are three fashion items that you can’t live without?

It would be rings, necklaces, and bright-colored clothing.

What fashion item is on your wishlist right now?

Nowadays, it’s jeans because I do have a lot of jeans but they’re mostly the ones with butterflies or hearts or ripped jeans. So nowadays, I’ve been really wanting simple jeans.

Are you more of a straight-jeans, loose-jeans, or skinny-jeans person?

I like wide[legged] jeans.

On Beauty: Pops of Coral

Seowon’s predilection for simplicity is reflected in her skincare rituals too. Keeping things easy and uncomplicated, the young star reveals that her beauty routine focuses heavily on cleansing. Meanwhile, for makeup, she chooses products that bring a natural pop of coral to her skin.

What’s a beauty tip you’d share with your fans?

For my beauty tips, I actually don’t really do a lot of skincare. So actually to tell you one, I just do like lotions. My tip is that whenever you do makeup I guess you really have to cleanse it well and do your skincare. And for makeup, it’s really about having a good cleansing routine so with that you’ll already have good nice skin just by following that.

What’s on your current beauty wishlist?

Blush-ons! Because I usually like wearing blushes so I really wanna have different types of colors.

What’s an everyday essential you have to have in your bag?

Lip tint!

Speaking of lip tint, what kind of lip tints do you prefer?

I usually go for coral colors. For my blushes and eyeshadow, I also go for coral colors, because I feel like with these colors my skin turns brighter.

On Idol Life: Confidence FTW

With LAPILLUS performing hard-hitting hits, Seowon tends to dress in trendy looks that match her group’s music. Sporting edgier styles on stage has influenced Seowon to opt for more relaxed and dainty pieces when she’s not in idol mode. Regardless of the space she is in, Seowon is convinced that the best accessory is always confidence.

How has performing as an idol affected your fashion?

Whenever we perform, we usually have strong songs, and it gives off powerful energy so with that, I try to wear my pretty styles for casual clothing. Before, I used to like hip styles. But now because of all the performances, I can just use hip fashion while performing. For casual clothes, I try to wear pretty ones.

If you could have another member style your clothes for a day, who would that be?

I would choose Bessie because she’s always been interested in fashion. Even on days when I have to wear my own casual clothes, I ask for her advice often.

That’s it from me! Do you have any other style tips that you would like to share with our readers?

I feel like confidence is key! So whenever you wear clothes and you think it’s pretty, those clothes are the prettiest clothes that you can find. With fashion and beauty, you always have to be confident!

Photos courtesy of MLD Entertainment

In contrast to the charismatic, edgy image she projects on stage, the IRL Jang Seowon is in favor of more feminine, gentler, and daintier looks — talk about duality! Putting confidence and individuality at the center of her fashion affinities, Seowon is the embodiment of self-assurance and learning to know oneself. As she has already found the key to rocking any outfit, LAPILLUS’ fans can anticipate more of Seowon when it comes to style.

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