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As May draws to a close, Team EnVi bids farewell to the month with this week’s edition of Sunday Spin. Let us soundtrack your final days of May with tunes to lift your spirits and set the tone for the week ahead!

NewJeans – “How Sweet”

With a beat so refreshing and lyrics so sweet, girl group NewJeans introduce the song of the summer with “How Sweet.” Continuing to redefine the industry with their charming creativity and hooking tunes, NewJeans return with a hip track that will have you singing at the top of your lungs. After having a small collision on the road in their music video, the girls find themselves stranded with no clue what to do next. But like many other young people, the girls continue ahead with a pep in their step as they have fun under the summer skies without a single worry. From dancing under the shower of a hydrant to playing around at a corner store, NewJeans show life can be fun as long as you’re with friends and living in the moment.

And a NewJeans music video wouldn’t be complete without including a unique twist. The film is captured through the perspective of various animals and objects, who witness the girl’s journey. Co-written by NewJeans member Danielle, the song showcases clean and bright sounds evoking a sense of familiarity and nostalgia from listeners. The upbeat pop song embraces the sounds of the past as it assembles an 808 with the high pitch snare drum alongside the rhythmic beat of synthesized drums and cymbals.

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PinkPantheress – “Turn it up”

Pop princess PinkPantheress enchants her audience once again with the release of her latest single, “Turn it up.” Produced and co-penned by the British pop star, the track features her mellifluous voice over a soft instrumental, which includes a sample from Selena Quintanilla’s “Dreaming of You.” Through the captivating melody, PinkPantheress narrates the story of a woman named Maria and her love interest. The pre-chorus sets the stage with the lyrics, “Just show your devotion / Let yourself do the motions,” while the chorus serves as an uplifting affirmation of connection and communication.

K-pop fans might recognize the whispered adlib of “turn it up,” which PinkPantheress sampled from the intro of the Girls’ Generation song “Genie.” This easter egg adds another creative layer to the array of samples and interpolations PinkPantheress has skillfully incorporated into her discography. 

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Nemahsis – “stick of gum”

Palestinian Canadian singer and songwriter Nemahsis expands her sonic horizons in her new single “stick of gum.” The song marks the first independent release from the artist after being dropped by her label last October due to her supportive stance of her home country in light of war escalations. Deviating from her signature Arabic-flavored ballads, “stick of gum” adopts full-scale indie pop sensibility. Layers of instrumentation crescendo alongside Nemahsis’ vocals — shiny and stark in the verses, yet muffled in the repeated hook, “It’s easier loving you, than to know why I need to.” 

“I will never release a piece of work that means this much to me. This is the bar,” Nemahsis wrote in an Instagram caption about the track. “Stick of gum” is accompanied by a music video, which was filmed in her family’s company in her hometown of Jericho, Palestine.

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FLO – “Caught Up”

The British R&B trio FLO deliver a vibrant mix of fun and authenticity in their latest single, “Caught Up.” The upbeat pop-R&B track effortlessly blends the group’s honeyed vocals while tackling themes of infidelity and self-worth. FLO’s catchy chorus and mesmerizing bridge, filled with beautiful harmonies, emphasize their stance: they won’t lose themselves to an unfaithful partner. The sentiment of not tolerating dishonesty is clear in the lyrics, “Cause I can spot the truth when I look in your face / And I can smell a lie before you walk in my place / Yeah, you know my reputation, so don’t push me.” The track’s powerful outro drives home the point that their partner was caught in his lies.

The single is accompanied by a striking visualizer on YouTube. The video shows the girls draped in stylish clothing as they sing, dance, and cruise around a desert in a Jeep. The visual captures the essence of carefree summer vibes, perfectly complementing the song’s acoustic guitar laden melody. With its irresistible beat and empowering lyrics, “Caught Up” is an anthem for summer, ideal for blasting and singing along with friends. 

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AleXa – “i’m okay”

In true emo fashion, Korean American soloist AleXa has tapped into the gritty sound of early 2000s pop punk for her brand new single “i’m not okay.” The angsty genre is well-known for its resounding instrumentals and sentimental lyricism, which only proves to fit her latest track even more. In a press release, AleXa shared, “This song is a love letter to those struggling with mental health, and it comes from a place of honesty and understanding.” Written by AleXa herself, “i’m okay” draws inspiration from her own experience with bipolar disorder and invites listeners to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Aside from the nostalgic feel of the track’s music video with film scratches, sun flares, and grain effects, “i’m okay” is bittersweet with its vulnerability. AleXa bares her heart as she sings, “I’m okay, I’m okay / Institutions let me be / I don’t wanna talk now / I’ll figure it all out out.” She elaborated in a press release, “More often than not, when approached with the question, ‘How are you?,’ our default response is, ‘I’m okay.’ I want this song to show that the conversation doesn’t have to stop at ‘I’m okay,’ and that it’s okay to be honest and to seek help when necessary.” 

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eldon – “Cathy

Looking for a breath of fresh air on your playlist rotation? Then Korean indie singer eldon is the artist you have been looking for. With his sultry vocals and contemporary pop sound, eldon promises to give an exciting jam session. Including previous single releases “Fraud” and “Hate,” eldon touches on the sensibility of love and relationships in his second EP Can We be friends? 
Through the groovy bass line and snappy drums in “Cathy,” eldon innocently expresses his yearning for Catherine’s attention, hoping she thinks of him the same way. Singing “I’ll say / Oh Catherine / You’re sounds like a tambourine / Oh honestly / Can you be a part of me?,” eldon’s infatuation is explicitly described throughout the lively track. Fusing the addicting pop melody and catchy chorus, eldon leaves with a short yet impactful narrative leaving listeners wanting more. Curious for what happens next? Listen to the rest of eldon’s narratives in his EP Can We be friends?.

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JHIN – “Anymore”

On a mission to challenge the conventional norms through his sound, alternative R&B artist JHIN wears his heart on his sleeve in his recent comeback. In his pop-rock single “Anymore,” JHIN becomes a hopeless romantic as he drowns in his emotions in a love that was never reciprocated. Producer Joseph Park (a.k.a. 220), who also worked on JHIN’s viral song “Blue Butterflies,” returns to deliver yet another unforgettable ode to love and human emotions. Compared to the previous R&B-influenced tracks “You Would” and “Airplanes,” JHIN dives into a new pool of sounds. “Anymore” features pop elements blended with harmony,mellow drums, and a gentle electric guitar. JHIN reflects on his emotional strifes and attempts to overcome his past scars in the lyrics, “But sometimes it gets hard to breathe / So I’m calling for your name / I’m searching for an escape / I don’t wanna play your games / Anymore, anymore.” 

Encapsulating vulnerability and relatability through his discography, JHIN continues to capture human spirit and emotions through his timeless tracks. JHIN is set to open for Korean Canadian PBR&B slchld’s “APOLOGY” North American Tour on June 30. The tour will be hitting cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago.

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natori – “Absolute Zero

Paving the way for the new era of artistry and music, Japanese singer-songwriter natori conquers the pop scene through his colorful discography and resonating lyrics. Renowned for his distinct sound in the J-pop scene, natori continuously shows off his range in styles and vocals, and his fiery single “Absolute Zero” is no exception. The song serves as the opening theme song for anime series WIND BREAKER, a story revolving around hero Haruka Sakura. He is an outcast who prides himself in his strength and aims to take the top spot through the language of fighting. Perfectly capturing the story’s narrative and themes, natori personifies the fighting spirit through his rock-driven track, “Absolute Zero.” Natori sweeps away with reason and social perception, as he sings uplifting lines such as “Who cares about reason and appearances? / It’s all a flashback & discommunication / We’ve always been on an unstable path / We heard that SOS distress signal one day / Yeah, no matter how many times / We’ll keep screaming with these emotions forever!” The song creates a riveting soundscape with the electrifying performance of acclaimed guitarist and producer Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) harmonizing with natori’s powerful voice.

Written and produced by natori, the hot track is an inspirational anthem of youth. Reflecting the song’s spirited rock sound and motivational lyrics, the music video shows off the gripping series of events between original characters and natori. Illustrated and animated by artist DEPPA, the video drips in red, white, and black. The “Absolute Zero” music video also exhibits unique animation styles ranging from time lapse illustrations to looped dancing animations and sketched out action sequences

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Kiss Facility – “plasma”

A showstopping debut EP established Kiss Facility’s atmospheric indie rock disposition last October. A few months later, their multidimensional sound is already being taken to new heights. The Paris-based outfit made up of UAE-born vocalist Mayah Alkhateri and Irish-Chilean solo artist and producer Salvador Navarrete (known as Sega Bodega) released their latest single “plasma” on May 22, while supporting Danish R&B rising star Erika de Casier on the European leg of her tour. 

Expanding the duo’s alternative catalog infused with Arabic lyricism and melodic ideas, “plasma” sees Alkhateri singing in her Emirati dialect, as well as trying her hand at additional production. Elegant strings and a pulsating beat are seamlessly woven together to culminate into the act’s most dance-friendly instrumental to date. “Plasma” is an experimental yet intimate cut that — while maintaining Kiss Facility’s trademark, somber ambience — finds a way to feel uplifting, like a ray of sun breaking through a wall of gloom.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “WOKE UP” by XG, “Nightclub busters” by takayan, and “LOST!” by RM. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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