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Since its emergence in the cultural landscape as a term encompassing music produced independently from commercial record labels, many definitions have been attributed to indie music. While continuing to be closely associated with a once underground, guitar-based sound trademarks of which have since bled into various corners of the commercial space, in 2024, indie thrives more unbounded than ever. In our music series, EnVi Rotation, we provide you with thematic playlists: curated by us, just for you. In this installment, we will be exploring different soundscapes around the indie sphere, by highlighting the rising, independent talent breathing new life into the genre — across Asia, and beyond. From the energetic, to the relaxing, and all the way to the experimental, check out 12 of the freshest indie tracks from artists that should be on your radar!

Volume Up!

Silica Gel – “Tik Tak Tok” (feat. So!YoOn!)

Based in Seoul, Korea, and managed under independent label MAGIC STRAWBERRY SOUND, Silica Gel redefine indie sound through their novel musical expression and versatility. The modern rock band consists of Kim Geonjae (drummer), Kim Chunchu (guitarist and vocalist), Kim Hanjoo (keyboard and vocalist), and Choi Woonghee (bassist). The quartet produce immersive soundscapes through masterful layering of varying musical elements, riding off the psychedelic and progressive branches of rock. The result is engaging tracks that give listeners an unforgettable listening experience through their mesmerizing guitar riffs, courageous solos, and dynamic vocals. This colorful spectrum is flawlessly represented in “Tik Tak Tok” from their second full-length album POWER ANDRE 99, which also features guitarist and singer So!YoOn! from SE SO NEON.

Grrrl Gang – “Rude Awakening”

Indonesian indie trio Grrrl Gang (vocalist/guitarist Angeeta Sentana, bassist/vocalist Akbar Rumandung, and guitarist/vocalist Edo Alventa) keep making waves with their newly updated sound. Off their latest project Spunky!, which sees the band at their most abrasive to date with its in-your-face, punk-influenced instrumentation and hard-hitting lyricism, “Rude Awakening” illustrates a brash and simultaneously introspective moment. Over simple melodic lines led by prominent guitars, and employing her most aggressive delivery, Sentana unleashes her inner turmoil about feeling ignored by other people in her life, in difficult situations. The infectious energy of Grrrl Gang’s retro-tinged, yet youthful sound makes the outfit stand out amidst the Southeast Asian music scene, as it brings to life their Gen Z-relevant, socially conscious lyrical topics. 

Master Peace – “Start You Up”

While the conversation about an imminent indie sleaze revival is ongoing, one may wonder where the musical successors of the 2006-2012 underground party scene can be found in the new generation. Look no further than Master Peace, the UK artist drawing from hip-hop influences and his Britpop upbringing alike, to craft rebellious, indie tracks in the spirit of sleaze classics, with a modern edge. 2024 single “Start You Up” recalls the likes of Scissor Sisters, MGMT, and Bloc Party, oozing breezy carefreeness with its catchy guitar riffs and high-energy, groovy rhythm made for the sweaty dancefloor. 

Mega Shinnosuke – “Tokyokirai”

Known for his music production, filmmaking, and fashion, Japanese solo artist Mega Shinnosuke continues to showcase his charismatic aesthetic and reflective narratives through his pop-rock tunes. The singer’s devotion to echoing the thoughts and emotions of his generation, and realizing his creative visions becomes more apparent with each passing single. In his third full-length album, Rock Wa Gawaii (Rock is so cute), listeners bear witness to Shinnosuke’s magnetic spirit. Through his sense of speed and fluency in powerful vocal hooks, the artist creates versatile tracks for all types of listeners. Mega Shinnosuke’s distinctive tone is particularly lively in the track “Tokyokirai” (Tokyo Is Beautiful), where he displays an energetic soundscape with snappy electric guitars and heavy drums, accompanied by a simple yet addictive chorus.

Soundtrack of Comfort

Mandark – “Playlist”

Fusing classical inspirations with modern pop elements, Taiwanese indie musician Mandark (a.k.a Tan-Chun Liang) is making a name for herself in the Mandarin pop scene. With influences stemming from the dark pop and alternative scope, Mandark utilizes her angelic vocals to build ethereal ambience as she sings of her interpretations of the new world clashing with the old. Her first solo album BADA88 embodies a diverse array of genres, ranging from synth-pop and R&B, to indie pop and alternative, and features a few macaronic tracks with lyrics in Japanese and Korean. The groovy, dream pop song “Playlist” showcases the artist’s charm and resonant moxie, as she confesses her desire to be with the one she loves. The musician has also served as the lead singer and keyboardist of alternative indie bands Sweet John and I Mean Us.

H 3 F – “Chalawan Funk”

Known for their proficiency in mixing music genres such as blues, soul, pop, and R&B, Thai funk band H 3 F create music defined by authenticity and fun. The quartet consists of Gong Thepvipat (vocalist, guitar), Mhom Thanabatr (bassist), Max Thakorn (drummer), and Ping Arakarn (guitarist). Taking influence from various performers in the psychedelic scene and contemporary soul icons, “Chalawan Funk,” off their 2023 album Chalawan Sound, adopts distinctive inspiration of blues, funk, and psychedelic rock. H 3 F captivate listeners with neat bass and jazzy guitar riffs, going into groovy jam sessions throughout the record. The band is managed under indie record label newechoes, alongside fellow Thai acts, Rosalyn and Numcha

Juanpalitoschinos – “Me Hago Mal”

Inspired by 1980s Japanese city pop, Mexico City duo Juanpalitoschinos blend their upbeat, soul sound with the indie pop music of Latin America. Friné Alejo and Joan Page incorporate elements of future funk and vaporwave into melodic, slow tempo beats, as they take listeners on introspective journeys through their organic storytelling. 2023 digital single “Me Hago Mal” is dedicated to those who find themselves in a state of vulnerability as they go through a process of self-discovery, and long for retreat from the overstimulation of emotions. Juanpalitoschinos have been featured in Rolling Stone Colombia, and accumulated over 3M streams across numerous countries while carving their way up in the music industry.

Dianna Lopez – “nerves”

Right at the junction of folk and ambient, Los Angeles-based, rising artist Dianna Lopez showcases the beauty of hypnotic music through her otherworldly, healing sound. Lopez produces timeless songs, and welcomes listeners in recountings of personal narratives through her melancholic voice. The serene track “nerves,” off her album 12th house, discusses tapping into the deepest parts of oneself in order to truly feel free from societal expectations. The song serves as a reminder that the most important life commitment should be to honoring oneself. Throughout 12th house, the artist allows for an intimate relationship to be developed with listeners, through her transparency and introspection.

Transcending Bounds

Kiss Facility – “So Many Ways” (feat. POiSON GiRL FRiEND)

Kiss Facility, the joint project of UAE born and bred, half-Egyptian, and Paris-based Mayah Alkhateri, and Salvador Navarrete (otherwise known as Sega Bodega), debuted in October, 2023 with five-track EP, Esoteric. As the duo’s vocal half, Alkhateri largely informs the musical direction of Kiss Facility with influences derived from her cultural heritage. Throughout Esoteric, indie rock and shoegaze conventions merge with Arabic lyricism and melodic elements, giving birth to a unique, multidimensional approach to guitar-based sound. The EP’s culture-agnostic quality, nonetheless, is most palpable in “So Many Ways,” a collaboration with enigmatic Japanese alt-pop artist POiSON GiRL FRiEND, wherein Alkhateri wistfully reflects on emotional turmoil within a relationship. 

Quiet Light – “Keira Knightley”

Quiet Light is a recording outlet of 23-year-old Texas electronic folk artist, Riya Mahesh. Named after The National’s homonymous I Am Easy to Find (2019) track, the Quiet Light project houses Mahesh’s meticulously produced creations that charm through introverted, DIY sincerity and personal songwriting. Her latest single, “Keira Knightley” — released November, 2023 — features Mahesh’s Phoebe Bridgers-adjacent vocal presence in one of her most lyrically potent moments: an exploration of insecurity intertwined with the nostalgic memory of a distant relationship. Through gentle acoustic guitar paired with abstract synths, prominent electronic percussion, and layered harmonies, “Keira Knightley” evokes lovelorn melancholy, juxtaposed by lyricism grounded in raw, stream-of-consciousness sensibility.        


SERAPHINE NOIR is a jazz fusion artist hailing from Lebanon, and based in Montreal. Drawing inspiration from esteemed acts in the jazz sphere such as Robert Glasper, Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, and John Coltrane, he crafts experimental works that transcend the lines of traditional jazz pockets — whether that means infusing a composition with drum and bass, or seamlessly incorporating touches of psychedelia. 2023 single “Blue Voyage” stands out for its immersive, global soundscape that blends together emotive Arabic influences and lively Latin rhythms. The track encapsulates the essence of cultural exchange palpable across SERAPHINE NOIR’s catalog: a corner in the evolving landscape of contemporary jazz that promises it has a lot to offer.  

Natanya – “Parasites”

UK singer-songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist Natanya debuted with her self-made EP Sorrow At Sunrise in September, 2023. A winner of the Best New Artist award at the 2023 GUAP Gala, the 21-year-old musician fuses her classical upbringing with a modern R&B edge, weaving strong jazz and soul influences, as well as experimental embellishments into sonic tapestries that ooze individuality. “Parasites,” Sorrow At Sunrise’s enticing opener, is outlined by indie rock sensibility, clad in muffled bass guitars that really come to the fore during the track’s breakdown. Natanya channels Amy Winehouse in her R&B-leaning vocal delivery, as she poetically muses about self-absorption and its interpersonal consequences. 

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