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Another Sunday, another set of new songs that Team EnVi has wrapped up in a playlist just for you! We may be halfway through March already, but time sure flies when so many hits are released each week. From self-love anthems to lovesick confessionals, we’ve got it all here for you in this week’s installment of Sunday Spin.

ZAYN – “What I Am”

ZAYN is no stranger to pouring his heart out in his music, but if his latest single is any indicator of what we can expect next from the soloist, it may be his most personal record yet. “What I Am” is the first single off of his upcoming LP, ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS, which is set to be released on May 17. Described by ZAYN in a handwritten note, ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS is “…a special project [he has] been working on for years.” With ZAYN being credited as the sole lyricist on “What I Am,” it is no surprise that this next record will have a personal touch to it.

Fans of ZAYN may have been caught off guard by the new sound embraced by the vocalist, but the folk genre accentuates his vocal color and ability to capture emotions quite well. (Hey there Directioners! Did you also feel nostalgic when listening to “What I Am” and think back to ZAYN’s vocals in the folk-influenced tracks off of Midnight Memories like “Through The Dark” and “Happily?”). Baring his heart to a lover, he begs, “Take me as I am / I’m tired of dancin’ around the point / Sharp and it is jagged / Like the shape of glass and it steals my voice.” Lyrically, “What I Am” may be one of ZAYN’s most vulnerable tracks of his career thus far and is a promising beginning to this new chapter.

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“Making music you can scream along to” reads the Spotify bio of EDM newcomer INJI. Hailing from Türkiye, the Philly-based singer-songwriter was first met with TikTok virality after posting a demo of her single “GASLIGHT” on the platform. The hip house track was packed with tongue-in-cheek, fantastical storytelling about getting revenge on a misbehaved ex, its snarky tone and raw humor resonating with online audiences. Since 2022, INJI has been establishing herself as a rising star in the EDM scene, most recently achieving wide acclaim with her single “BELLYDANCING.” The latter blends Middle Eastern rhythms tied to her Turkish heritage with traditional Mexican music, into dance brilliance characterized by undeniable catchiness and global appeal. 

“BELLYDANCING” is now followed up by INJI’s latest, “HATE YOUR GUTS,” which was released on March 15. The fresh track — extensively teased by the singer prior to the drop — retains her signature, endearing candor across situationship-motivated themes. “HATE YOUR GUTS” channels most of its energy into a grand, chant-chorus which features the titular line alongside “I’m telling everybody ‘This guy sucks!’ / And by the way, he’s into real weird stuff!” Shouted on top of prominent synth bass and a melody infused with pop sensibility, the infectious hook is fit for the sweatiest of dancefloors. INJI’s unapologetically funny lyricism and conversational cadence recall club bathroom girl talk, setting up her songs to become spot-on soundtracks to lived-in memories, and the juiciest gossip sessions against party backdrops.

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WENDY – “Wish You Hell”

Reinventing yourself has never been more fun — or at least that’s how WENDY makes it seem with “Wish You Hell.” Bidding farewell to the stereotypical “good girl” image that was placed upon her, she emerges anew from the flames she used to destroy her past self. In contrast with her first solo EP, Like Water, WENDY’s second mini-album Wish You Hell is an outspoken letter about being true to oneself — along with some unexpected sonic twists from the vocalist. 

Veering away from soulful ballads, “Wish You Hell” opens with wavering electric guitars before slipping into a rhythmic bassline with bright synths. Catharsis looks different for everyone, but for WENDY, it has taken shape as a poppy self-love anthem bubbling with confidence. Unafraid of bursting anyone’s bubble, she sings to her past self, “I can do anything I want, anything / I found myself, number one / I wish you hell.” WENDY reminds listeners it’s never too late to embrace your true self with this empowering pop track. 

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Ricky Montgomery – “Unknown Phantom”

Grab some headphones and listen to the latest single by acclaimed alt-pop artist Ricky Montgomery with your eyes closed. Trust us, we swear it’ll be worth it… And voila! It’s as if you’ve been transported to a hazy Halloween house party — well, that is what “Unknown Phantom” is all about actually. After being scared in the studio by his producer’s stepson (who was wearing a spooky costume on Halloween), nostalgia overtook Montgomery, and the result? A dreamy recollection of Halloweens past wrapped up in a faintly distorted alternative rock track reminiscent of the nineties. 

In a press release, Montgomery reflected upon the surprise-turned-inspiration and said, “… It got us thinking about Halloween parties we had gone to as kids, and our early crushes and childhood memories in general. It all came together in just a few hours, and was instantly one of my favorite songs I’ve ever worked on.” With its imaginative lyrics, “Unknown Phantom” brings the feeling of experiencing coming-of-age moments right to the listener. 

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V of BTS is onto his next solo endeavor — a pre-recorded single titled “FRI(END)S,” which he prepared for fans in advance before serving in the South Korean military. Following the release of his first solo record, Layover, comes a bittersweet hit that tackles the blurred lines between friends and lovers. “FRI(END)S” remains true to the classic and soulful sound that many have come to associate with V. The R&B influence only amplifies his vocals, truly capturing the emotional strain of falling for a friend when you probably shouldn’t have. Despite all the reasons he fell for his friend in the first place, V rationalizes with himself in the chorus that he should call it quits and save himself from any more pain. He explicitly tells his friend-who-isn’t-just-a-friend, “Yeah, but friends don’t say words that / Make friends feel like more than just / Friends, just for now / Now, I’m over pretending / So let’s put the ‘end’ in friends.”

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Lizzy McAlpine – “I Guess”

Rising indie pop sensation Lizzy McAlpine has released the second single off of her upcoming LP, Older, which is set to be released on April 5. “I Guess” is an introspective folk-influenced track with a gentle rhythm that gradually swells as McAlpine ponders life, romance, and the uncertainty of it all. She realizes, “I guess it’s all about timing / I guess it’s all about the things you want but never get / I guess it’s all about trying / To love someone you’ve never met.” Despite the singer coming to terms with the fact that connections and life are not nearly as romantic or simple as they are painted to be, the track wraps up with a romantic instrumental outro. Perhaps “I Guess” is an enigma in itself, but Lizzy McAlpine won’t be stopped from romanticizing her journey and growth as a person — a story worth being told. 

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vaultboy feat. salem ilese – “closer”

On March 15, vaultboy teamed up with salem ilese for their new single “closer.” Coming two months ahead of vaultboy’s debut album, “closer” tackles the uncertainty that comes with new romantic relationships. It’s a “delicate dance” — that’s equal parts “exciting and excruciating,” salem ilese said in a press release — between friendship and a romantic relationship. With lyrics such as “Is this the end, or a start of a new story? / In this blissful purgatory / God, it’s hell not knowing what you think,” vaultboy and salem ilese establish themselves as the go-to musicians for brutally honest, vulnerable, and highly relatable songs. Like the no frills openness in vaultboy’s “everything sucks” and salem ilese’s “Mad at Disney,” “closer” comes from a personal place. Vaultboy mentioned in a press release, “Salem and I wrote this song from personal experiences in each of our lives and so we hope people can relate to our stories.” 

The last time vaultboy and salem ilese collaborated was for “don’t shop when ur hungry!!,” from salem ilese’s 2023 album, High Concept. This time, their joint single comes before vaultboy’s just-announced debut album, titled everything and nothing (May 10). Three other singles from the project have been released already, including “everything hits me at once,” “everything, everywhere (feat. eaJ),” and “where tf have you been?” Following the drop of everything and nothing on May 10, vaultboy will embark on his global tour, with stops in Europe, Australia, and Asia. His tour will kick off in London and May 14 and conclude in Singapore on June 14. 

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Wisp – “Enough for you”

Following a series of unexpectedly viral TikToks, San Francisco artist Wisp unveiled her debut single in early 2023 to an enthusiastic audience already counting hundreds of thousands. Almost instantly, “Your face” had captivated Gen Z listeners, its official sound snippet going on to star in countless videos on the aforementioned app, and accumulate millions of Spotify streams soon after. That overnight success became the incentive that landed the 19-year-old a deal with Interscope before a second song was even released, simultaneously propelling her to the forefront of the online shoegaze revival wave of the 2020s.  

“Enough for you,” released on March 15, marks the rising musician’s fifth single. In one of her catalog’s most abrasive moments to date, Wisp, alongside producer grayskies, draws inspiration from the metal sphere to craft an immersive soundscape reminiscent of the likes of Deftones. Customarily, the harsh guitars and pronounced feedback are juxtaposed against the singer’s delicate, close to indiscernible vocals peeking through the wall of sound — here, expressing insecurity in one-sided affection, through lyrics like “Why can’t you need me? / Need me like I need you.” On release day, Wisp took to TikTok to communicate the message to fans with the dedication: “For all my loves who feel unworthy (but you are enough!!).” “This one comes from a personal place and I hope you guys can relate and feel understood,” she wrote. Wisp will be headlining several stops across North America on her tour starting April 19. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Saza” by Indian American singer-songwriter Lisa Mishra, “This Time Around” by Jennifer Lopez feat. (G)I-DLE, and “Dünya Hevesi” by Turkish singer Tuğba Yurt. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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