On July 12, the famed “Kings of Hallyu,” SUPER JUNIOR, are back with their eleventh studio album, The Road : Keep on Going. The album, which is the first volume of two, marks their eighteenth year as a band and showcases their exceptional longevity in the K-pop industry. SUPER JUNIOR member DONGHAE said during the press conference, “The album’s title means SUPER JUNIOR’s path will continue. It is about our past, present, and future journey.” 

Sweet Just Like a Mango

The music video for “Mango” was released as the title track of the album. The song sets the tone sonically for the rest of The Road : Keep on Going with its upbeat vocals and distinctive SUPER JUNIOR flair. The music video for “Mango” is also characterized by additive dance moves, which is quintessential of SUPER JUNIOR’s work.

The Road : Keep on Going

The album celebrates the longstanding reign of SUPER JUNIOR. The body of work is composed of five songs that showcase the variety of the band, from retro funk to pop ballads. The Road : Keep on Going draws parallels to the members’ unique personalities and voices as exhibited in the virtuosity of the songs. The pre-release track, “Don’t Wait,” is an uplifting retro-inspired pop song about a love confession. The music video for the track is staged with a nostalgic backdrop, and the members all don pieces reminiscent of the 1950s and ‘60s.

My Wish” is a dreamy ballad about longing for light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics of the song read, “I got one wish for tonight / I want you at this moment.” Meanwhile, the next track, “Everyday,” is an alternative rock track with addictive beats.


The Road : Keep on Going precedes the long-awaited tour, SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD, which started in Seoul. After the three-day tour in Seoul, the band will perform worldwide. The leader of the band, LEETEUK, also mentioned during the press conference, “After the Seoul concerts, we have Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and we have plans to go to Latin America and Europe as well.” 

The first day of the show on July 15 was a hit. SUPER JUNIOR put forth mesmerizing as well as hilarious stages for the fans to enjoy. Among the sea of ELFs, SUPER JUNIOR’s fandom name, were NCT Dream’s Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung. Fans of SUPER JUNIOR took to Twitter to express their feelings after the concert.

DONGHAE conveyed his love and anticipation for the tour by saying at the press conference, “It’s a dream to hold in-person concerts for the first time in nearly three years. The atmosphere in rehearsals for the shows is better than any time before. We look forward to seeing our fans during the concerts.”

The following two days of the Seoul leg of the concert are predicted to be just as good with the last day, July 17, being live streamed on Beyond LIVE.

Kings of Hallyu

It is no surprise that one of the pioneers of K-pop, SUPER JUNIOR, have yet again topped the charts with their new release. Upon its release, the album climbed to the #1 spot on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart.

Furthermore, for the first time in SUPER JUNIOR’s history, all of the songs from The Road : Keep on Going appeared on the Bugs! chart.

Road to the future

As their eighteenth anniversary approaches on November 6, SUPER JUNIOR does not seem to be stopping any time soon. With record breaking numbers and dedicated fans, SUPER JUNIOR have proven that they have many more years left in their reign.

Listen to The Road : Keep on Going – The 11th Album Vol.1 on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music

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