Twenty-seven-year-old Thai indie pop singer-songwriter Numcha first hit the music scene in 2019 with her debut “Keep Cold,” which racked up 18 million views as of writing. Since then, she has continued to refine her creative identity, evident in her music videos’ trademark gorgeous aesthetics and heartwarming storylines. Her second release, “Dirty Shoes” is a technicolor dream, and the young queer love depicted in her most recent “in my white dress” is heart-touching. 

These songs, and more, are all part of Numcha’s first album Bloom released late last year. Going into her fourth year, Bloom demonstrates her growth but also her passion to explore genres and art forms, such as alternative pop music and candy making. There are no doubts about what Numcha can do, especially since she was just recently featured on Spotify’s EQUAL campaign and playlist, which spotlights women in the music industry. 

Her artistry has already made waves on audiences across Asia, with performances at 88Rising’s digital festival Double Happiness and LUCfest in Taiwan in her back pocket. Numcha’s unique, rising contributions to music in Asia continue in her album with the track, “Merry Midnight,” which blends Thai pop and Taiwanese synth pop and soft rock with help from Kuo from Taiwanese band Sunset Rollercoaster

EnVi caught up with Numcha amidst her busy schedule for an exclusive email interview, and we dove into her artistic inklings, her experience as a Gen Z artist, and what her dreams continue to be. 

Can you introduce yourself and your music career thus far?

Hi, this is Numcha, a singer and songwriter originally from Bangkok. I’ve grown my interest in music officially in 2019 to fully become an independent artist.

What informs your music? What or who are you inspired by?

I’m interested in various genres and get inspired by a lot. Here are some: Taylor Swift, Tom Misch, Raveena Aurora, The Strokes, Maye, Anderson .Paak, The Marias, and Orion Sun. But lately, I can’t deny Stephen Day. He fits perfectly with my morning routine.

For new fans, what song do you think best represents Numcha? What makes you stand out?

I would love to introduce my recent song, “in my white dress,” as the best representation of myself. I’ve been finding my sound that genuinely represents me, so as you can see in my album, Bloom, there are different styles in my music just because I wanted to experiment. I’ve found that besides new tunes, my way of writing songs has changed too. It happened in my recent piece “in my white dress,” and I think I’ve fallen in love with that.

You’re on the cusp between millennial and Gen Z. Do you feel like you connect more with a specific generation, how does that show up in your art? 

I have so many close friends in both [generations], and I feel happy to connect with them. From that diversity angle, I’ve influenced things a lot and found that there’s no limit to deciding what my aesthetic looks like. When I catch something, I can feel myself in it. Just go with the flow. It’s kinda mixed so that’s how the reflection of fun and variety radiated on my art pieces.

On Instagram, you seem to be getting into candy sculpting. Can you tell us more about how you got into it? 

There’s an event in Thailand called “Cat Food,” where Thai artists will be selling food they made themselves. Candy sculpture was the thing I sold at the fair. This kind of candy was my favorite and I used to eat it a lot when I was a kid. I decided to choose it cause it feels nostalgic to me and we barely find this type of candy these days. It’s super rare and I styled my candy shape related to my songs like “Butterfly,” “Ladybug,” “Bloom,” etc. to make it fancier.

Aside from your music, the aesthetic of Numcha is so fun and refreshing, from your personal style on Instagram to your music videos. How are all of these ideas — from the fashion, storyline, and each music video’s unique vibe — brought to life?

I always share my deep meaning from the lyrics I wrote with each music video’s director and I need to give credit to them. They truly understand how I wanted to express [the song]. For example, I fell in love with the storyline in the “in my white dress” music video. I’ve loved it from the first breakdown the director showed me in our meeting, and I didn’t want to polish those storylines that much. That kind of idea seemed neutral and nostalgic to me, so I let the team bring out their solid aesthetic. I have massive trust in them, and I mean that for every director I’ve worked with. And as you can see, each music video is unique and individual because we’ve shared [ideas] a lot.

Your debut album was released late last year, but you have been releasing music since 2019! How does it all feel — to think about where you started and where you are now — and especially what it means for Thai music internationally? What are you most proud of? 

I’m really happy that I was able to finish my first album. It’s like a wish-fulfillment thing for me. I got a variety of music genres on the first album because I kept all my releases, so it’s like the diary of my journey of being an artist. And apparently, that decision and passion have been overwhelming. [There’s been] massive support from people around the world I’ve never ever dared enough to expect since day one, and as a Thai artist, I feel so content with myself coming this far.

And I’m beyond grateful for [them] letting me know that this shy girl who followed her dream has been choosing the right way for herself. I’ll serve you guys nothing but the best on my screen as appreciation.

How has it felt to perform across Asia, and where else do you want to perform? You’ve also collaborated with Kuo for “Merry Midnight.” Who else do you want to work with?

It’s a dream I wish for and I’m grateful for that. Everything is so challenging and I’m so thankful not just for myself but the great team I’m working with nowadays. I don’t know my destination on this train. Passion is what I’m leaving with. Where and when I don’t expect. Everything will come in due time. 

Besides my favorite, Kuo from Sunset Rollercoaster, Tom Misch is my big answer. If there’s a chance to do some collaboration or a chance to sit and talk about the occurring idea deeply through music with him, I would cry my eyes out as a fangirl.

What can we expect next from Numcha?

Not fine dining but a tangy homemade.

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Responses were edited for concision and clarity. 

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