After releasing their full album series SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3: WHOLE] in April and completed their 2022 “PAGE: O” tour in Korea, the United States, and Latin America, internationally-loved K-Pop group VERIVERY have finally returned with a new single album, Liminality – EP. LOVE. On November 14, the seven-member group gifted fans two tracks: the title track “Tap Tap” and “Motive.”

Chapter 1: LOVE

The Liminality EP marks a new chapter for VERIVERY as they embark on a journey searching for “elements of happiness.” In the midst of this search, the boy group find themselves placed in “liminality,” a state of transition across boundaries.

This EP is dedicated to the first element of happiness: love. Being in this state of liminality—this transition from the previous chapter to the new—fans bear witness to VERIVERY encountering the emotion for the first time.

On October 27, the septet released a trailer in which the members give their own perspective on ‘love.’ Though their replies are warm and heartfelt, their varying answers demonstrate the depth behind the word. There is no one way to explain what it is nor how it is felt and VERIVERY incorporate that into their concept.

SHY or OVER-Flowing With Love?

The concept of love is interesting because of how everyone accepts, receives, and views it so differently. Some people, though yearning for love, run away from it, while others dive head first into the feeling. VERIVERY show this duality in their promotional teasers for “Tap Tap.” 

Fans, also known as VERRER, were first introduced to the concept through their ‘OVER’ teasers. The photos create a sense of “OVER”-flowing as it showcases the feeling of having so many words to say—especially to the person you like. The Y2K inspiration gives a youthful sense of confidence to the teasers, a shine that stems from young love.

But not everyone is confident when it comes to love. This is where we see a more timid and naive side to the boys. They truly capture the nervousness that comes with the realization that you fell for someone—as seen from how they peek underneath a paper bag. There is a cute nature in the shyness as each paper bag is sporting its own custom, hand-drawn face. 

Tapping Into Your Heart

VERIVERY revisit their debut sound in their new title track, “Tap Tap.” The song is full of color as it manages to mix hip hop elements with a pop punk sound. The track brings a sense of nostalgia; drawing listeners into that signature late ’90s to early ’00s sound, especially with lyrical moments that read off as spoken word. “Tap Tap” keeps listeners on their feet as each verse and chorus brings listeners on a journey with their melody. Fans can’t help but find themselves grooving along to the lively beat. 

The music video for “Tap Tap” brings an entirely different feeling from VERIVERY’s previous works. It brings a much brighter atmosphere that captures the excitement that comes from a newfound love. The Y2K aesthetic, which has been taking the K-Pop world by storm, is seen throughout the video. There is an additional burst of lightheartedness in the nostalgic video style with its bright graphics and cute ’00s effects. Almost like they’ve created their own sitcoms, viewers can’t help but smile as they see the members jamming and playing around. In the playful atmosphere lies a sense of tenderness.The music video  wholesome as the ambience encapsulates that warm feeling associated with love, whether it be platonic or romantic.

In the lyrics, we see how VERIVERY put their unique twist on experiencing their love. Even with so many words to say, the septet’s bashfulness leaves them to express their feelings through a “special code.” With lyrics like, “Take a shot, guess what this message means / LOL, I’ll let you know” and “Describe how I’m feeling? / I don’t know.. Here goes nothing.. Heart emoji,” we see how they’re unable to properly express their feelings but they’re hoping their lover will understand anyways. 

It’s a Motive

Liminality – EP. LOVE has the best of both worlds as a B-side track, “Motive,” adds some depth and darker tones to the album. VERIVERY demonstrate their artistic complexity as they shift from a more cheery, summer-esque tune, to a more noise-centered melody inspired by hyperpop and electronic music. “Motive” lights a flame of nostalgia as its sound is reminiscent of an older K-pop sound that was prominent in the early 2010s—making it a staple on any K-pop playlist.

A Music Video Full of Beauty

VERRER ran to Twitter to show how much they enjoyed the new comeback! Many fans noted the music video to be bursting with fun and smiles.

One can’t help but feel VERIVERY tapping into their hearts with this new single!

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