WayV Kicks Back With Their New Album

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WayV Kick Back Album, Photo Courtesy of SM Entertainment
Photo Courtesy of SM Entertainment

By Veronica Espinal | @minionyuta_


WayV’s new album Kick Back, is here and they’re better than ever before. Described as mature yet playful, the album’s six-tracks, which combine elements of R&B, Hip-hop, and Pop, are as charming as the members, whose sweet vocals and compelling rap sequence entice their fans to take a step into their timeless world. 

Album opener, “Kick Back,” produced by Alawn, adds on a progressive R&B sound, that combines vibrant vocals, with a calm flow of rap. The music video– from the powerful dance sequences, to the layered shots, is aesthetically stunning. The concept of time and reality has been a constant theme in their discography, with the lead single of their previous album being “Turn Back Time,” it makes sense that “Kick Back” included similar themes. Especially in scenes where the members are seen walking backwards, almost as if they were going back in time. 

With elements of brass music and R&B, “Action Figure,” illustrates the story of someone referred to as a doll who exhibits sadness about living in their cold reality. Lucas’ part, “Eyes in the shadows begin to flee, and the mask is covered by loneliness,” depicts this sad and restrained reality they exist within but can’t seem to escape. Despite this sadness, they have left dreams to those behind them which they hope to protect, “Make bright memories, until your every dream becomes reality and you wake up.” The soft vocals, and placid rap flows, works well in drawing out the lonely setting of the song. 

Ten, Kun, and Xiaojun, showcase their sweet and powerful vocals on “Horizon,” a ballad dedicated to their fans. The lush musical arrangement emphasizes the soft melodies and harmonies of the song, together with the calming softness of the singers voices. This sentimental track resembles a feeling of warmth and fondness, as the singers convey their gratitude towards the fans. 

On the next two tracks, the ambience becomes more playful. “All for Love,” is a charming, trap R&B song. The attractive melodies and harmonies, works well in setting up the sentimental ambience of the track, along with the playful voices of the singers as they recall the night filled with love. From the moment of that first melody, the playfulness that is “Good Time,” is heard. A fusion of pop, and hip-hop elements, each of the members’ voices blend well in depicting the feeling of happiness and tranquility. While the lyrics illustrate a romantic setting, a story about how the protagonist wants to spend their most memorable moments with their loved one. 

The closer is the Korean version of lead single “Kick Back,” included to connect with the loyal  audience they built in South Korea and general K-Pop fans. As mastering songs in multiple languages is common for the group, they keep the same powerful energy throughout the last track as they do in the opener. 

The KickBack album is also a representation of the growth and maturity of WayV since their debut. Slowly finding their own unique sound and music style, they’ve gained more confidence in their performances. During their live comeback showcase, Hendery expressed their evolution from the previous comebacks where they feed off their energy and determination. For this comeback, they wanted to illustrate their maturity, enjoy themselves and become more sophisticated, which resonated clearly throughout the album. 

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