In honor of 127 Day, Team EnVi created some outfits inspired by some of NCT 127’s music videos. Using styling from the videos and teasers, these outfits are EnVi’s takes on our favorite NCT 127 looks.

“Cherry Bomb”

Cherry Bomb” outfits are both dressy and sporty. Taking inspiration from Taeyong’s iconic “Cherry Bomb” teasers, this look is both, using bright colors and formal wear. A red blazer, a tie, and a red beret complete the outfit. 


Also using Taeyong as inspiration, this look features the warm tones of the “Favorite” music video with orange-toned pants and lots of layered gold jewelry. Since Taeyong is wearing a scarf in his outfit, a patterned scarf has been used for a top.


Firetruck” costumes may seem too grungy for everyday wear, but Jaehyun’s outfit is simple enough to recreate. For this “Firetruck” look, an oversize white button-down was added to a simple band tee and black jeans. 

“Kick It”

The costumes for “Kick It” are anything but forgettable. Taking a cue from Johnny, this black-and-white outfit features a black vest, cargo pants, and wouldn’t be complete without white bandages.


The “Punch” music video is full of looks- from racer jackets to red suit coats. This look uses Doyoung and Taeyong’s pose in the teaser video, and the iconic leather and chains complete the vibe.

“Simon Says”

One of the stand-out elements of “Simon Says” is the shoelaces—127’s matching Vans and long shoelaces are instantly recognizable. This look uses oversize black and white layers to capture the main vibe of the costumes, and of course, laces the shoelaces over some baggy pants.

Have your own NCT 127-inspired look? Use the #127GlamSquad hashtag on Twitter to share it and check out looks by other NCTzens!

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