The EnVi Photo Team set out on a mission to, as accurately as possible, recreate some of our favorite photos of NCT members.

Mafe, @brekkerxuxi

Mafe recreates Mark Lee's SuperM teaser

What made you choose to recreate this photo?

“I chose this picture because it is one of my favorite photoshoots of Mark. The style really suits him. There is just something about Mark with black hair that calls the eye.”

How did you carry out the shoot?

“For the making, I tried to get the right angle and details. I worked on natural light and relied on Photoshop and Lightroom to make some adjustments. The scarf and the shirt were different from the original but I wanted to make them as similar as possible. So, I went looking for the design and blended it in, as well as changing some colors to better assimilate to the original.”

Image via Instagram.

Yuta, recreated by Niamh

Niamh, @rhymeswitheve

What made you choose to recreate these photos?

“I chose these photos because they seemed relatively straightforward to recreate. I also liked that they were in specific locations in New York. It meant having to actually go to the location to shoot which would be an interesting challenge. Turns out it was a lot harder than expected.”

How did you carry out the shoot?

“For the photo in Washington Square Park, there was vomit all over the section Yuta was at when I went to photograph myself. So, I had to recreate the shot from a different angle. It was also raining, adding an element of danger since the fountain was slippery to stand on. It took a few minutes of

Taeyong and Mark, recreated by Niamh

shooting to be able for me to feel comfortable standing on top of the fountain the way he did. Even then, I couldn’t get all the way up. This image ended up needing some more work in post than I expected, to correct the angle and the color to get closer to the original.”

“The second photo also required a bit of work in post – I had to edit together three separate photos of the background and of myself to recreate the original picture of Mark and Taeyong. It probably would have made sense to use a second person, but I liked the challenge of Photoshopping myself in. I think it came out pretty cool looking.”

“My third image at Cafe Vita was definitely the most difficult. Some things had changed since Yuta was photographed there, and my height made getting the same position difficult. I was also shooting during the day, and not in the evening, so the lighting was different. This was also more uncomfortable to shoot since it wasn’t really in a tourist location like Washington Square Park, where lots of other people are also taking photos. This was another one I ended up having to take from a different angle, so it took some creative Photoshopping to get just right.”

Yuta, recreated by Niamh

“One thing I thought was funny was how much work it took to recreate photos that were candids to begin with. The original photographer was just catching them as they were in the moment, where I had to take probably hundreds to get a remotely similar shot.”

“It was also interesting to take touristy photos as someone who lives in New York. Out of all the times I’ve been to Washington Square Park or the Lower East Side,  these were probably my first pictures there. It kinda made me like it a bit more, since I had to look at these places through the lens of someone visiting, and not someone who lives here.”

Images via Instagram.

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