Nine-member girl group TWICE is one of K-pop’s most iconic acts, with a long list of accomplishments in Korea, Japan, and America alike. Multiple chart-topping hits, millions of album sales, and sold-out dome tours have been the TWICE standard since their explosion onto the scene with debut “Like OOH-AHH” and third-generation anthem “Cheer Up.” 

Lately, TWICE has been taking America by storm. Signing with Republic Records in 2020, they had their first Billboard Hot 100 entry with 2021’s English single “The Feels” and wrapped up a completely sold-out arena tour in February of 2022.

Not stopping there, they announced two stadium shows in Los Angeles’ Banc of California Stadium–making them the first-ever K-pop girl group to perform and sell out a show at an American stadium.

With their growing successes, TWICE has also grown in their sound and style. Gone are the days of bubblegum pop and pink outfits, as TWICE’s recent comebacks have shown them experimenting with different genres and looks.

In honor of TWICE’s record-breaking stadium shows, we’re taking a look back at some of their iconic looks from recent comebacks. Here are some TWICE-inspired pieces for your next concert outfit and to introduce TWICE’s energy to your wardrobe.

“Fancy” – Bright and Bold

Fancy” shows TWICE’s first big sonic change into a more mature sound and a new wardrobe. It moved past the matching cheerleader outfits, plaids, and pastels of previous comebacks. Instead, TWICE dons bright colors, sleek black outfits, and chic designer clothes. Replicate some of the song’s energy with bright neon, solid bold colors, and eye-catching patterns.

You could also go for a darker look, taking inspiration from the song’s edgier styles. TWICE are seen in the music video in stylish all-black, and even held multiple music stages in edgy black looks or mature suit styles.

“Feel Special” – Luxe and Glam

The outfits in “Feel Special”–a song about TWICE’s close bond–are as luxurious as the song. Feel Special features TWICE in silks, sleek white outfits, and long beautiful gowns. “Feel Special” has TWICE in some of their most iconic looks to date with purple and blue satin dresses. The looks for the feel-good song are meant to inspire glamor and shine. Hop on the satin slip trend with these pieces paired with white knee-high boots.

For an alternative “Feel Special” look, take inspiration from the digital album cover art, with lots of pink, tulle, and sparkle.

“More & More” – Boho Chic

After going the glam route for their two previous comebacks, TWICE shows a newer and more boho style with “More & More.” Using flowy fabrics, floral paisley prints, and crochet textures, TWICE embodies the song’s tropical summer sound.

They also had more casual styles from some of their music show stages. You can still recreate TWICE’s “More & More” looks with simpler blouses, jeans, and knits.

“I Can’t Stop Me” – Past and Present

Retro and bright, “I Can’t Stop Me” presents TWICE’s take on the 80s synth-pop trend. To go along with the sound, TWICE’s outfits are cheery and colorful as usual, but with a vintage twist. Houndstooth, plaid, berets, and crisp clean lines make up these “I Can’t Stop Me”-inspired looks.

On the other hand, TWICE brings some modernity to the retro feel with rhinestone-detailed denim looks. Mixing and matching shades, they elevate an all-denim look with a bit of sparkle and modern, corset constructions. 

“Alcohol-Free” – Beachside Breezy

TWICE are no stranger to summer hits, and “Alcohol-Free” is only their newest addition. Singing about feeling drunk despite being “alcohol-free,” TWICE dances to this bossa-nova-based track in Latin-inspired outfits. Ruffles, bright red, flowing skirts, and lace-up sandals recall the heat and the romance of the song.

Alcohol-Free also has more nautical, beachy looks. Create one of these outfits by using navy blue, silk scarves, and summery prints.

“Scientist” – Pink Meets Punk

TWICE’s most recent comeback is sugary sweet, but with a slight edge. Instead of wondering what love is in “What is Love?,” TWICE implores a lover to stop wasting time and take their chance in “Scientist.” The looks for this comeback recall rookie TWICE with bright pinks, but show how they’ve grown with more mature styles. Create a “Scientist”-inspired look with a pink denim matching set and statement shoes.

On the edgier side, the music video shows TWICE in dark, punkier outfits as they destroy their lab. Black, red, and hearts are common themes across their looks. 

Each TWICE comeback embodies a new and different style, offering lots of inspiration for people with many tastes. Let us know which pieces you like the most!

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