Following their recent NCIT updates, on August 21, K-pop boy band NCT 127 dropped their long-awaited concept teaser for their forthcoming third full-length album. Titled “Who Is STICKER,” the teaser features an explosive plot twist. The members turned from everyday college students by day to mysterious, bad boy hackers by night.



The video is set in the fictional university Neo Culture Institute of Technology. The members are surrounded by computers, further pushing the “coding club” narrative, shown days before on social media.


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Each member had their own close-up shot, showing them engaged in activities related to their individual interests. Yuta played FIFA, Johnny made coffee in a petri dish, and Taeyong tended to his aquatic friends. 

Reaching its climax, the video flipped to an alternate state. Kick-started by Jungwoo fiddling with a security camera, the screen glitches and the viewer is transported to a new scene. Neon lights and strobing are sprinkled throughout the second half, keeping the overall “electronic” atmosphere to the “club room.” Darker lighting, edgier styling, and bass-heavy music were present.


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Social Shenanigans

After the teaser video dropped, NCTzens were stunned yet again as the group’s official Instagram account changed their layout. The profile picture and highlight covers transformed from varsity-themed to a Matrix-style, cyberspace layout.

Some fans linked the concept and video details back to prior comebacks, connecting the dots and diving deeper into the SM Culture Universe. They theorized the choice of concept and how it could connect to their label mates’ concepts.

Having waited months for NCT 127s comeback, fans proved to be extremely satisfied with the teaser.

As the first teaser of the new era, it hit the mark and successfully stirred up NCTzens across the world. Fans are anticipating what the group has in store for them in the upcoming weeks. We can’t wait to see what other creative content NCT 127 will share next! 


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